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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Government to arrest the Ongoing Price increase with out any lull on every day

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Prime Minister is not interested in People Welfare,But it does not mean that Finance Minister  not to show interest in People welfare in India?

China has left its economic growth target for the year unchanged at 7.5%, as it looks to expand at a steady pace and maintain social stability.
The country also set a lower inflation goal of 3.5%, aimed at keeping prices in check.
The forecast was outlined by Premier Wen Jiabao in his last appearance at China's annual parliamentary session.
The world's second-largest economy has seen expansion slide after a slowdown domestically and in key markets.
Now let us think about our country -India.
Yes, This is a critical situation to all but we need to manage the show.  
In Particular  today Price for Rice  is Rs.65 per Kg. in Tamil Nadu,what is this? BJP or any other Political parties in India were not claiming these type of firing issues to President of India and not protesting for the Parliament to dissolve for the Poor Administration by U P A.
Opposition parties in India at this point of time were also maintaining good relation and Links in the name of Courtesy with UPA Government and many opposition party leaders were also involved in Corruption charges. 

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