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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

special care required

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hi my dear viewer's here is a latest information about eclipse's going to take place in few days. As per astrological signs both eclipses are dangerous. so people must be very careful. also the ruler's must take few precautionary measure's to save human lives. Like Tsunami /earthquake or other damages will take place on these days due eclipse.Many time we saw the predictions went true.we never deny the force and strength of science and its development. same time we all know the value of our cultural heritage abd human lives. we are sure that we do not want to loose any human lives on any incident's except natural death.death is the other side of a birth. so we cannot stop that. same time we can avoid deaths due to calamities/disasters. let us pray to God that let us all very safe on earth even after this eclipse's.

Always people with upper hand called rich keep donating to the chief ruler's emergency relief fund of your Ruler's/Government. This is also a precautionary measure.

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