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Monday, August 31, 2009

Software upgrade at A T M

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 

I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know
Software upgrade at A T M. A T M is the best facility by banking finance sector across the world. You can use A T M to withdraw up to 20,000 rupees in a single transaction in a day. This is a safe transaction method for people doing business in different places. Anywhere and anytime you can access atm to withdraw or deposit your money.

Now the special news is the same A T M were available with latest software upgrade. The upgraded software with many features concerned to safety transactions.

 Do not worry about anything .keep your debit card at your purse and keep on traveling to any destination with out fear about money.

Wish you to have happy transactions through atm which saves your time also.

Thank you for your visit.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prime Minister of India is right

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected.
I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know
Prime Minister of India is right. Yes Mr. Prime minister is right in his comment to say that the confusions at B J P party is a danger to Democracy. Yes Even after many years B J P cannot come back to Power. This is the right time to get dismantle the party on disagreeing on matters and principles of this party. Mr. Jeswanth singh and Mr. Jeswanth singh were the prime people who left recently B J P must come forward to form a new political party in the line and principles of our late Prime minister Sri Morarji Desai. Morarji desai proved to the country that our country can face any challenges. He is the first and the Last prime Minister who brought gold to price to al lower level. Amazing administration cared the middle class and the poor people life as prime. He is the great administrator in this century.
Mr. Vajpayee also a Prime Minister ruled this nation for 5 years. But he did not made any attempt to solve the Ayodhya issue. This issue was created at the time Mr. Narasimha Rao Regime. He also extended support is a message is hidden. But we people do not know why B J P with much interest in Hinduism not resolved this Ayodhya issue amicably in their 5 years term ruled?
Now the right time has come People from B J P has to come out and top form a new nation based political party in the interest to promoting the nation and to work in Indian politics for the welfare of the Indian people and must not aim to mint money from politics.
Politics is a highly responsible and sensible area meant for the public welfare. In many matters Politicians of this world today were going out of ethics. The fun in the matter is almost all nations were with an identity with a single religion. But India is a Non secular country. But terrorism exists everywhere. So it declares Government Machinery in all nations including U N O is not functioning properly. All politicians use this terrorism as a Tool at the time of election in all countries. This ideology should change.
In India also we find few political party try to strengthen their base at states like Uttar Pradesh. Because it has huge population and constituencies is also huge.
to Avoid this an amendment is required . 24 + 6 Union territories must have equal representation in 535 members of our parliament. Merge the constituencies at U P to reduce M P numbers from up or increase Constituencies at other states to increase the M P number (535).
Political parties with huge confusion’s at their party on many reasons will not serve to the nation or people. Clashes/difference of opinion and dismissal of many leaders existing as M P from any party should be a reason to disqualify the party from Politics to help the people of this nation by a law or by Election commission.
Confusions in a leading National political party will definitely will not allow performing at parliament for the welfare of the people. The democracy will be under question. The ruling party will become Monopolistic in their duties and decisions. This is a Danger to democracy.
My dear people of India, we had many leaders’ right from Freedom fight. Now we could not have any leader with social responsibility to value Indian politics and people. Why politicians are allowed to give wrong meaning to Indian politics. Definitely we will be having leaders Family people right from Mahatma Gandhiji, Lalbahadur sasthri, Vallabhbai patel,gokhale, etc. (here I meant the Grandson's and daughters of unselfish and patriot leaders of our India).
Please find out our good leader's for future. It is must. Now with the situation B J P is not fit for National Party to take care people of India.
Even the third front framed at the time election which can be worked out now. Try it now thinking the future of India.
In particular we are from middle class and suffer from all problems in our life with many solutions pending to arrive over a long period is our life history. Middle class people economy in the world weakening and going to increase the poverty level in the Nations if the Political situation continues to be the same.
So a change in politics is must.
For example small countries like Korea is running corruption free Government. No corruption at Korea. Also Korea send team to different countries to train those nation’s in demand to train and get the same corruption free set-up of government.
India can do wonder’s in this world.
Media is also supporting or backing political parties in all nations. They last their interest to show their Power as Fifth power in the world. They can do well in people welfare is expected. God only can change their track to people welfare from politician welfare.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Rank

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My dear viewer's and friends and advertiser's here is a message letting you know Google Rank. Google rank is not offered on the basis of any standards. This is my personal experience.
I humbly inform you all not to get started with blogging at g blog. Many said including me that blog is a good platform for business. It is true. But it is not applicable to all people. The team at Google Rank is offering rank to their friends and relatives and people linked in business with them.
This blog of mine had Google rank 2.till yesterday. But today morning it has become zero. It has not got reduced to 1 or not increased to 3.
This is a beautiful game by google with few business people from all countries.
Blog is not a common place for all people to earn. It is benefiting Google and other few companies. This is the only a fraud from a American company google from America.
This is a platform well used by politicians and Film industry people.
Here Iam questioning the authority of Google ranking Team, how dare they can reduce the rank to zero? By this wrong act advertisers will neglect to pay.
Blog is meant for earning. Money making is the prime matter in blog posting.
My blogs on Goggle rank three, two, one were become zero. Then I requested google on this matter.immidiately google reversed the rank to 2 from zero. The foolish act established here at this blog because of this act. Other blog with ranks were not reverted. All on zero rank. Now with this rank 2
Blog got few posts. Now the payment for those posts will be neglected. What a game by Google.
Here I want to say one more secret about this google rank. You can write to command at Izea than with in no seconds google will offer ranks. This is my personal experience. Google norms and rules are all for name sake for innocent people like us.
Do not believe Google blog. if you believe than you are giving a chance to google to exploit you.
This google rank creates huge pressure on blogger's. So any charitable Law chambers may get in to action to stop this ranking.
Ranking is an act of exploitation. I feel Izea may be a second door of google. Such an understanding in all areas, right from blog approval.
I am totally frustrated with this act of google and my blood pressure is disturbed. My health is spoiled by this act of Google ranking Team.
I humbly request Mr. President and the founder of Google team please dismiss the team at google ranking job or please shuffle the people in duration of 2 years to different areas in the country. On behalf of people on earth please teach a lesson to this team google ranking Job. Simply wipeout google ranking from the blogger.com business.
Or please explain in what way Google rank is superior to other companies in the Internet. Other ranking companies’ ranks are not valued by advertisers.
Then the play as advertisers is also from google from another door. or the other Ranking people offering ranks are simply baseless. Why they are offering rank?
Why this exploitation is continued? Why The American Government is not looking at this matter? This money making Blogger platform was found to be correct in Mr. George w Bush administration. Now Mr. Barack Obama is not looking at the welfare of people on the earth.
Also by making the rank Zero and stopping the business clearly indicates that the Recovery from the financial crisis is under question. Why Mr. Barack Obama is allowing this? Why he is not questioning Google Head quarter's at America.
I have the option to feel that this is a shameful act of Google ranking Team at Google.
My dear reader's please stop your blogging and do not post anything at your blogs. Stop it completely and automatically the light will be thrown on the business at Google blogging.Let the matters come to light to the knowledge of people on the earth.
Bye bye thank you my dear readers for your kind support.Blogger.com is a wrong area where only wrong people can do well.
Further to this stop your Blog posting right from today. Get Start posting with the new blogspot blogs with google rank 3 and 5. Yes buy blogs with google rank and make money. It is the business done by many people successfully. They secure more than times from the blog purchased value. This is a way to learn that g blog and blogspot.com is exploitation.
At blog you will be asked or allowed to write posts on politics. Politics is also a matter at blogger. On the other hand if your post is questioning any act of the ruler’s or government than the ruler’s /government will ask the bloggerteam of Google to stop ranking your blog/you will not get any earning from your blog. So all these confirms Google blog, blogspot.com is an act of exploitation to innocent people on this earth. Please trust all these Lines and avoid blog at blogspot.com from g blog.

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Nutrition from the fruits

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 

I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know Nutrition from the fruits. I would highly recommend this .Please do remember, fruits will cause significant good impact to your vitality.

Many people take fruits at the time of food. But fruit juices are highly effective and best, immidiately after you wake up in the morning. Morning Apple, carrot and ginger as juice cleanse your system perfectly. Normally it is advised to take ginger in the morning and sukku (the dried form of ginger) in the after noon will keep your health fitness.

I want you to be benefit on every post at this blog. Please tell to your friends about this.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Wish you all a Happy vinaya chaturthi pooja .

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. Listen this beautiful song on Lord Vinayaka.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monsoon Destinations

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Hi my dear friends and viewer's nice to see you again. thank you for staying connected. here is a message about Monsoon Destinations. The monsoon destination were many in the world. It is up to you to decide with the available holidays. you can get many informations many travel segments. Now the travel and Tourism is operated by many reputed companies ,apart fom the government operation. Many airlines ,many star hotels, many bank through their credit card usage ,offers many many benefits in a package. The pacakage of benefits in a package is amazing. This is the right opportunity to go and enjoy the monsoon destination with your family by using these offers. You enjoy with saving and safety. The travel operators were arranging all with an intact plan and make you satisfied in the trip. you will feel that the travel was well arranged with nice accomodations.For example  companies like Forbes,nytimes,citibank,etc were have exclusive site for this purpose.you please visit these sites and many more sites in connection to monsoon destination tour arrangements and details. .many travel blogs gives you much details.   be happy enjoy the monsoon destination's. thank you for the visit.for example visit this site http://travel.nytimes.com/  for amazing details.Travel guide and many travel guru sites were available .please make use of these site details for a happy monsoon destination travel.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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Hi my dear viewer's and friends of this blog, thank you for staying connected. Here is my thought about "SWINE FLU". Already i wrote about this and the preventive measures in my blogs.Also I wrote a post about the invention and about the first vaccine released .This is a great invention. This is a great care on people on the earth. On behalf of you all i greeted them. But, now I suspect this flu. This has claimed many lives at U.K.Now in the recent days at India Swine flu has started claimed few human lives. In this we are happy to note that America has not got affected by this flu.

I strongly feel that this Flu might be a created one by few bad elements in the human society. Because the first information was, Swine flu attacking people who consumed mutton of pig. Than it was informed it was spreading from the affected persons to others on travels /in gatherings. This has affected the Travel and Tourism Industry internationally as a whole. But my thought is, it might have been spread and spreading via water or food materials (milk).Recently swine flu attacked many people including Infants in large Number at Pune in Marashtra. Here the Government officials raided many milk vender points, where they found and caught arrested few people in connection to adulterations. These milk venders taken out about 200ml milk from 500ml milk packets and added water in the milk to the same quantity and then effected the supplies. On investigation day by government officers their supplies to a large quantity were blocked is also informed via all Media. Now at Chennai also few deaths claimed on swine flu. 

So I think few bad elements may be spreading this swine flu to the society. On the other hand no huge order from Government’s for the Vaccine Found. No data regarding this ordered quantity and expected supply time from any side in the Internet.

I think like this because the swine flu claimed few human lives at my country ,in which Infants are Victims. The infants do not have the possibility of this swine flu from pig mutton. Infants did not have consumed pig mutton.

So While finding some trouble in the society the Authorities must try to find the real cause before they comment .   Wrong comment causes huge loss to animal lives.           

 people were again brought in to a confused stage by the government in all nations in this matter. United Nations World Health Organization must interfere in this matter and it must try to get all steps taken by the governments in all nations. This is to provide the right information about the disease to the people on the earth. World Health Organization must come forward to say her View's and suggestions to people about the Flu.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Staircase Furniture

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My dear lovely friends, brothers and sisters and "viewer's" of this blog from all parts of the world, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. Here Message that matter’s Money. Yes, this is the latest information letting you know, Staircase Furniture. This is an exclusive idea to save space also with a neat arranegment at an aoordable rate.I know you will accept this .In this fast word we are successful in increasing population which is the only area evergreen. Government takes all measures to block the increase in population,because meeting out the resources will become difficult. In this connection  you will agree with me to go for this Staircase furnitures to keep your house/home/Library/office for a elegant Look with  an increase in the Living area. I am so happy to find that you have agreed on  this view .

 A request to all government offices and Libraries ,Please go ahead to access this change, adding value to your covinience.

On the other hand you are helping in revamping the economy alos by this you provides/creates many employment opportunities.

Thank you for your visit.
Make every day count towards your success in achieving your personal goals.

Thanks for allowing me to share these truths  in this Post will enable you to earn and, save your money and Time.

relax.enjoy this video.
405nm Violet Laser Pointer Vs Two Cats - Click here for the most popular videos

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fear is a disease

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Hi, my dear viewer's Thank you for staying connected. please make your visits again and again to read the new post here at this blog. I know that you are giving good imporatnce to this blog posts.Please continue the same. here this is a New post Fear is a disease. Yes , Courage is the first medicine to cure any disease.The medicines what you are taking to get recover are secondeary only.COurage and confidence plays a vital Role infacing any problem in this society. 

Please Look in to the courage of sri Barack Obama,he is doing well in getting the recovery from the financial crisis as his first challange after he took office.

Please look in to the courage of sri Gordon Brown ,the Prime Minister of U.K. how strongly he plans to bring up the economy in the country. 

Please look in to the courage of My prime Minister Sri Manmohan Singh. already he kept the country financial status in a balancing condition,which made The Indian's to offer a great success to him to  become Prime Minister again in the current Loksabha.A great Achievement and very hard working even after severe Cardiac surgeries.Lord must Grant him a healthy Life to deal the present economy for a great success is the present wish of me.

Please Look in to the courage of My dear friend Ted Murphy,after he took charge, he brought many changes In a bold manner with ethics of Business in the bloggerworld.

Please look in to the courage of Sri Bill gates ,how nice he has transformed all his powers to his son as a director when the market was not doing well is also to be noted. With his Great support , advice and Guidence to the Present Director and to his Team, Micro Soft is doing very well .

I like to add  my opinion here , even though it is late ,I congragulate The American Government for the Award offerd to Mr. Bill gates. Already i wrote about this as a request to U  S Government  as a post  and  few e mails to the same government Regarding the same wish of me and the world.Even now i request U S gOvernment to give all support at all times by all means in all floors  which will be an ever lasting asset (Micro Soft) to America in rebuilding their economical status. 

Please look in to the confidence of Smorty Team. they do well in all situation with their business planning and supporting to the U S government in recovering the financial crisis.

Please look in to the courage and the speedy researches of the scientists on the earth. They invented vaccine for Swine flu and it is on delivery is the latest message. This is a great matter/news at this moment to all goverment's on earth,because swine flu has created threat to human lives and disturbed Tours and Travels segment business. Now with this relief message of releasing a vaccine for swine flu, Governments in all Nation will be Found Happy.The Air /flight travel business will get in to own track of business with  high busy again in a short time , is also a very great news to all people on the earth.

Thanking you for spending your great Time in reading this post. Looking for your kind visit again and again to read the followinmg posts. My sincere thanks . 

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


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 Hi dear, nice to have your kind Visit .please visit daily at this blog to know many vital information’s happening around the world. We can grow together.
This is about  
This is an exclusive site where you will get a free blog in which you can keep all information’s about your planned trip and the importance of that area. Apart from the information’s you can store unlimited video clips connected to your plan to trip to a location. This will make easy of your site seeing and also a time saving process. Also you will be fully satisfied with your trip. Otherwise you may have the chance to loose some important things/locations/art/architecture/etc to see. This is a very good idea to use your trip fully well and informative. Do plan to go for many trips around the World, but do not forget to make use of this facility at Travel Pod site .Please convey this very good information to your friends and relatives. For complete details and for further query on this matter please visit http://www.travelpod.com/.
Make every day count towards your success in achieving your personal goals.
Thanks for allowing me to share these truths in this Post.
Please visit again and again to read the interesting hot news in every day those maters. For example see here World Naked Bike Ride – Worldwide, June and July at Toronto. The credit Goes to TripAdvisor.com

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


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 Hi dear friends and viewer's of this blog please write many posts about sports and games if you own a blog or else get strated your blog immidiately.Here is a message about sports.All countries must give enhancing importance to all games in sports. The International societies founded for few games are definityely doing their jobs perfectly in promoting those games.So here we people on the earth need The government in all Nation to show higher importance as a concern on all games. The International societies like cricket Board ,French Open Tennis,American open tennis,Wimbleton tennis,has to be invited by all Nation's to open their units in all parts of the world. The events to be organized through out the world in aprts of the all nation's. I feel that the Government in all nation do not give that much  importance on  sports like Football,softball etc.

High concern is to be arrived at the earliest. while we are noticing that Dhoni a crickter buy a Hummer ,paying 1 crore (including duty) is a  proud matter to our nation and to him but on the other hand we definitely have a feel that why all player's from all games in sports not got such that much importance and revenue.

so the first action of any government must be the sports organisation's and Sport's Ministry combined together to step in to actions in promoting all games  and player's from all segment's to conduct events with worthful trophies around the year .Government ans sponsors must delibrately to come forward to start many coaching center's for all games immidiately.


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