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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Buzz It

Hi this is about my Brother Mr.Ameerkhan. A great Indian by Birth with many values in his Good Thinking is well appreciated on many times.

Now for us it is a right time to Wish him for sathyamevajayathe. well supported by Mrs.Ambika Soni -Broadcasting Minister in India Today. She is always responding to the good deeds.

Now this is a turn to people to follow Ameer khan and his says join with me to strengthen his will Power . in sathyamevajayathe show now released in Dooddarshan channels ,a very good educating Programme for our children in India to get educated and can avoid Child Abuse. I humbly request Government of India to write the recommendations to UNICEF to award Mr.Ameerkhan.I personally like to appeal UNICEF ,Please encourage persons like Ameerkhan to Grow in this world which in turn it is a special Care on our Next Generation. Thanks to UNICEF.

This is must. Ameer Khan has done this Advertisement Video show very well and in time to help and support by we people in India is a must . He is a very Good Indian and I Like to appeal to the Government Of India , Please Honor His career and give importance to highlight his activities. Thanks to Ameer Khan.

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