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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Buzz It

Hi my dear readers, viewers, followers, google blog users, and my dear broad casting friends, Thank you for staying connected.

Here is a message letting you know Donate.

Lot of matters on this earth connected to this Donate. But here is a request is a different one. Yes! You all know many Human lives are claimed death due to unavailability of Human organs. We cannot avoid death, but can help few others life to prolong. Few may be in need of Eyes, or other human part. While some body dead with in few hours Eyes can be removed and used to transplant to other human .By this act The dead person is still can able to watch the world in action.

Can you make a difference to at least one life? If you would like to donate your organs after death, do let your family know about this humane wish, and also get a donor card expressing this desire.

Organ transplantation has been associated with major scandals in the recent times and which have often been highlighted by the Media. With this message please do not skip your idea of donating yes,/organs after death to some others.

We are living with many genuine people in this human society. In all matters good and bad exists. Good level is also increasing in the population because of many generous minded people like you.

Help the Medical profession to do better service to the human society across the world.

Thank you.

Rush to visit again to read the new post here at this blog. Good day.

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