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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forbes 101

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Hi friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a message about Forbes.

Forbes is a well known magazine to all in the world. It Gives Lot of valuable informations to us. One among the great news published is Forbes 101.Yes!

Forbes published about the richest in the world. Mr.Lakshmi Mittal is on 6th position from India. after few places Mr. Mukesh Ambani is in this list from India.
with this many richest from the world is published with their ranking.

Interesting is 101 richest people from Russia is really a wonder to this world. For years Russia was a communist country. Communist country will not allow assets to own. All belongs to Government is the Philosophy.

In this strategy Russia is having 101 richest people in the World is very interesting to Note But also a shocking news to this world.

Any  way Thanks to Forbes Magazine for publishing this list now. I like to make a humble
Request to all these to contribute to the maximum in helping People affected in tsunami at Japan. so Please send your Huge contribution's Graciously and magnanimously to Japan Government at this situation, will make you all further Rich.

Thank you.Thanks to Forbes.com.
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