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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Buzz It

hi My dear viewer's and to all people of this world . please believe in Democracy and Non-Violence .

First here we have to see one thing "Father Of Our Nation" is sri Mahatma Gandhiji . he was born at Borbandhur at Gujarat. But the major thing to Notice here is , Idira Congress have meagure recognition only. The other Party B J P is holding a permanent and very strong admiration with the people at Gujarat. Gandhi is a surname for a clan at Gujarat. another matter what we have to note here is Gandhi is a surname because srimathy Indira pryadarshini  married ferozkhan. he become ferozkhan Gandhi, than Indira priyadarshini become Mrs. Indira Gandhi. So by this way The Royal  family of Jawarhar lal Nehru after Mr. Jawaharlal failed add the surname Nehru. The Surname Nehru was not in use. Also to Note The Indian National Congress is also vanished. This is because the Nationalcongress Leaders or their legal heirs were not allowed or not existing in Indian Politics Today Is the severe pain in the feeling of Every Indian. what to do? Politics has become violant and vibrant area where normally nomalcy does not exists. peace and Love with Social responsibility to work for the nation has become Zero. Politics in India with the present Inidian politician's has  become a profession to earn in crores.  This has to get changed. B J P and Indira congress were the only National parties  has to think in this matter. People of India also has the same responsibility in casting their vote. while they caste their Vote They must vote either to congress or B J P candidate. one among this two will be in all constituency. then only we can have a stable government to have lot of promotional activities which will lead the nation to grow. 

Hi, Dear people of India My Humble request is you all caste your Vote to congress or B J P candidate only. Do not Vote to State level parties /Regional parties which will not allow us to have a stable government. State level parties must be respected only in a election for a state government. this is the real Democracy. 

National parties with state level parties cannot give a best administration.

Also we indians must be honoured by election commission. As soon as the President of India declared the general election After parliament session closed ,The election commission must ensure the M P 's of sitting assembly are all only M.P's. Thier portfolio has Minister's mustnot be allowed to continue. while parliament session closed why the Minister's position's are allowed. if allowed definitely they will have different value's and respect from society as well as government officer's. All election contestants must be in the same profile as contestant . As soon they file Nomination to contest immidiately they must be asked go out of official Position of the Indian Government. If the election commission is not doing this Election will not give a perfect result.Always the offices of Indian Government will obey their high office is our Culture.So The election commission and The president of India must declare that as soon any citizen file his/her nomination for a election, immidiately  his/her position in the government is also coming to an end. No Indian citizen must be allowed to contest in election while in Power. If allowed and continued then our democracy will not hae exact value's. The world will also think that  our democracy is  ruining because of our Indian government administration mistakes.

Let us Hope for a correct decision from people and from the election commission.

i Have few more Ideas which i want to reveal with election commission to accept . if accepted a small honour to democracy.Let me hope people will act properly in the present election in casting their votes to either congress or B J P. and should not caste their votes to any person from any state level parties.My views in this regard can be sent to election commission and to The President of India to have my India  growing systematically.Good luck and Good wishes  for a stable government. 

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