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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Buzz It

Hi my dear viewer's and friends of this blog, thank you for staying connected. Here is my thought about "SWINE FLU". Already i wrote about this and the preventive measures in my blogs.Also I wrote a post about the invention and about the first vaccine released .This is a great invention. This is a great care on people on the earth. On behalf of you all i greeted them. But, now I suspect this flu. This has claimed many lives at U.K.Now in the recent days at India Swine flu has started claimed few human lives. In this we are happy to note that America has not got affected by this flu.

I strongly feel that this Flu might be a created one by few bad elements in the human society. Because the first information was, Swine flu attacking people who consumed mutton of pig. Than it was informed it was spreading from the affected persons to others on travels /in gatherings. This has affected the Travel and Tourism Industry internationally as a whole. But my thought is, it might have been spread and spreading via water or food materials (milk).Recently swine flu attacked many people including Infants in large Number at Pune in Marashtra. Here the Government officials raided many milk vender points, where they found and caught arrested few people in connection to adulterations. These milk venders taken out about 200ml milk from 500ml milk packets and added water in the milk to the same quantity and then effected the supplies. On investigation day by government officers their supplies to a large quantity were blocked is also informed via all Media. Now at Chennai also few deaths claimed on swine flu. 

So I think few bad elements may be spreading this swine flu to the society. On the other hand no huge order from Government’s for the Vaccine Found. No data regarding this ordered quantity and expected supply time from any side in the Internet.

I think like this because the swine flu claimed few human lives at my country ,in which Infants are Victims. The infants do not have the possibility of this swine flu from pig mutton. Infants did not have consumed pig mutton.

So While finding some trouble in the society the Authorities must try to find the real cause before they comment .   Wrong comment causes huge loss to animal lives.           

 people were again brought in to a confused stage by the government in all nations in this matter. United Nations World Health Organization must interfere in this matter and it must try to get all steps taken by the governments in all nations. This is to provide the right information about the disease to the people on the earth. World Health Organization must come forward to say her View's and suggestions to people about the Flu.

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