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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

who could be the winning Prime Minister Candidate for the Upcoming General Election in India,Possibly by May 2013!?

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who could be the winning Prime Minister Candidate for the Upcoming General Election in India,Possibly by May 2013!?.
read the Following Prediction from me.

1. Next Government will not be by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi Lead Congress. Congress will be in the Opposition chair . In Fact for a change in the History of  Indian Parliamentarian Number's of 535 M.P.'s belongs to Congress would be very Less and this could be a History in the History of Indian Political History.

2. Is BJP will gain the Next General election with Mr.Narendra Modi As Prime Minister Candidate?  Possibility of Gaining  increased Numbers than this time is assured, But it will not be the full sweep by BJP,because of Mr.Narendra Modi Candidature!.and No Possibility to Catch Power as Next Government.
Foreign Nation's will have a strong influence in the Upcoming General Election,so Mr.Modi can not be the Prime Minister Candidate. If So his Failure is assured one.

3.Mr.Nitish Kumar,Mr.Mulayam singh,Ms.Mamata Banerjee ,Mr.Sharad Pawar and Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa were may likely show interest to be the Prime Minister Candidate!.
Mr.Narendra Modi is also ruling a state in India,and all these were also ruling a state successfully. So No one is inferior to any other.Mr.Narendra Modi or BJP had no Values in the recently held state elections is a clear message/note to Upcoming General Election about BJP a Party in difference with Differences in between all Leaders otherwise lack of cooperation is in the Light now.
Alright ,is their positive Bright sign to any one in the above Leaders?.
Yes, Their is a possible and amicable under standing with others is available to Selvi J.Jayalalithaa
In My View Selvi J.Jayalalithaa could be either Prime Minister of India Candidate or Next Home Minister Candidate .
 To gain 39 + 1 = 40 M.P. seats from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry states in India she must give a Compliment to People. That is Selvi J.Jayalalithaa has to absorb the Burden in to Government Expenses and she must Reduce the Electricity Fare to 50% in the earlier  increased Consumption charges. This is Inevitable and at this point of time Union Government by UPA is not allowing the Nuclear energy in to use of Home and Business in Tamil nadu. UPA Government designed to generate all type Pressure and disturbance,by neither  not allowing the Electricity Generation in the Possible means and nor interested in Tamil nadu people welfare is also Truth has to be analyzed and to be decided favorably by A.I.A.D.M.K.Party to Score 40 M.P.'s.
Civil Supplies must be asked to keep on keep observation is also a Must.

A.I.A.D.M.K. may allow his Candidates to contest in Karnataka state,Andhra Pradesh state ,Kerala ,U.P, Maharashtra, and to arrange alias with Nitish Kumar of Bihar,Navin Patnaik of Orissa ,Sharad Pawar of Maharashtra ,Mayawati of U.P.,  Omar Abdullah of Jammu and Kashmir and Shironmani Akalidal and others of Punjab state is a must.

Otherwise Selvi J.Jayalalithaa may plan accordingly to work for this best possible alliances for B J P as a King Maker.
As per Planet Position and as per the Political parties started time chart BJP is not having the chance to have Thumping Majority. Except Mr. Arun Jet lee is announced as a Prime Minister Candidate than People wish can be Positive. But today BJP Leaders run with to become Prime Minister Dream , another alternative is Mr.L.K.Advani who could be declared as Prime Minister Candidate and who will maximum support in BJP as well from People in India and from across the world. 
If Selvi J.Jayalalithaa  as a prime Minister Candidate than Congress will also not work against her Candidature can be expected. rather Congress will also extend support indirectly.Why because Congress like to keep BJP Out from Power Race and authorities. If B J P come to Power than it will open all corruption charges along with Lokpal Bill as per Mr.Anna Hazare. Than on the charged allegations including Prime Minster of India will also nee to undergo Investigations in all types.

Selvi J.Jayalalithaa may need to develop her contacts with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, Arvind Kejriwal also. why because these Personalities now dashing against Corruption in the Country and wish to have a Clean India. So Their assistance is a must. 
Thanks. Rest in the Next Post on this Matter.


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