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Thursday, September 21, 2017

தமிழக பா.ஜ.க.வை அதிர வைத்த உளவுத்துறை ரிப்போர்ட் | Survival of BJP is d...

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this will continue because of the present B J P Moves which were working against Mr.Modi is also a truth.. Till B J P supports 11 Alcohol manufacturing companies .Excluding Tamil Nadu in all Political Moves . Still Mr.Modi shows interest in Gujarat. This is the trouble. Even today Union Government may prepare a scheme of Books prescribed for Examinations to be faced by Pupil of Tamil Nadu in 12th standard and for that Training in 12th standard in schools ,this is similar to Vocational training of those days. This vocational training will make Pupil to write Bank Exams,Engineering  to NEET and etc. All students will be successful in their motive or ambition or desire is my strong recommendation to B J P Government and to B J P Leaders to arrange avail this immediately or at the earliest . For example Race Banking course - spend huge Money you will get Clerk position or NEET COaching were all by Private not to be encouraged but all examinations and coaching's for that as per students's interest/elective this has to be arrived in 12 th standard is my strong recommendation. B J P to think about the welfare of people in Tamil Nadu ,is a must is my belief. even B J P can protest against 11 Alcohol companies manufacturing alcohol has to be banned to sell Alcohol through TASMAK a Government owned shop. this is to knowledge that government will not be a tool to kill people or to claim human lives or increasing widow's. like many things to happen in tamilnadu.  

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