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Thursday, September 21, 2017

News and for kind information to Mr. Kamal Hasan

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News and for kind information to Mr. Kamal Hasan ,their is corruption charges against Mr.Arvind kejriwal ji also. That may be fabricated or real we do not know. 

But my dear Kamal Hasan you please start a Political party to have your separate entity and as ikon in Tamil Nadu is a must on date is my humble opinion. If you join hands with any party that will ruin your success is my belief. Please under stand that any party may come and join hands and share constituencies that does not matter. In That situation in your party Banner and Logo other allied will contest that is your Added value. Please under stand that we are Tamil speaking Indians were always great in all so we does not requires any one to rule our Tamil Nadu state.  this is my strong recommendation.  

You do not require intro to people of Tamil Nadu you are a well know actor to all Indians. You are the Popular person due to your sincere action similarly if you work separately with your party than you can establish your works against corruption exists in all manner, please under stand.

Off course Mr Kejriwalji victorious over B J P and congress at Delhi . The same situation prevails now at Tamil Nadu and people were looking for New Face/politician who can run the state administration like Mr.Late C.N.Anna Durai and Mr.K.Kamaraj.  People of Tamil Nadu were totally frustrated on all existing Politician's. same time we need to Think on one thing. that is Money. Money plays a vital role. For one constituency 89crore spent that means how many crores can be floated as expenses in the forth coming Elections in Tamil Nadu is a special task to face as a challenge . for this you must  go for vast campaigns. In those campaigns  you and the team with you must work positively to take the message about the set backs of corruption and so that Poor people and Middle class people were still continue to be in the same status. If this Notes were carried to the ears and knowledge of all People in Tamil Nadu than the success will strike at your Door. This is my View. 

Even today Actress kushboo commented in Sun tv that Congress party does not depends on  Kushboo or Kamal hasan or Rajini  but this party lives on its party Policy. this is  a answer to a press person questioned about your entry in Politics and if you are interested to join  in Congress ? may please watch this interview!  People Know that Congress Party do not policy except one family people  Rule and command from 24 Akbar road.  also we know that Actress Kushboo entered at Mumbai and than entered in Tamil film Industry than to politics ,but she does not belongs to Tamil Nadu or Tamil Origin is to be repeatedly to say to people.

so i wish you start a political party and work for the people welfare you will succeed. People were looking for a change is the ultimate mind set  in people of Tamil Nadu.

How will you work in 234 constituencies has to be drafted first . meet all people with out fail. please forget to remember that  you are from Manarkudi region beyond this You are from Tamil Nadu State. Son of the soil. You may have a team to contest but your face value will only work so you are the ultimate and you must visit and work accordingly at all parts of Tamil Nadu. this is a must is my recommendation. j.k.sundararajan. http://getpaidout.blogspot.in,http://getpaidatlink.blogspot.in etc.

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