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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Not Fair in the part of a senior police office!!

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This is not right and not good in the part of police. But Police Dept is not working as Election Commission in India. if Police Department mad Independent working force to serve people and the Nation than treatment on these issues will be on the mistaking can be found.

Police department in India must be made free from Political influence completely.

Police Department at present under the control of Chief Minister of a State in India. This should not be.

Parliament of India must emphasise on this and draw a new Law and to make Police department as a Free and Fair working Independent Department under government of India like Election commission in lawful rights. This is a must to be given priority.
Make this change see India ,you will not see any bad incidents in the Nation ,and a complete control more than that once again we can see Police department more than Scotland Police is the truth.

on the above video and the mistakes I have suggested my ideas to shift TASMAC to safe and secured places like... read my Next post published on this.

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