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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Indians Changed -bring a law ,first to enforce the Ban of Alcohol sale in India by Government

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TASMAC - wine shops of Government of Tamil Nadu !!! May please shift to safe and secure place like ......

Tamil Nadu Government in one part closing down TASMAC wine shops which results window in huge Number and many children as Orphan where Mahatma Gandhi lived.

TASMAC - A Tamil Nadu Government Division selling Liquor and generating many widows  and many orphan children. For me and in my view Government selling Liquor to people is like selling wife by a husband for money.This is not right. so this TASMAC must be Banned with immediate effect with the graceful orders from President of India and Prime Minister of India to concerned chief Minister of Tamil nadu.Thanks.

So I Humbly suggest and May I request the Government to Shift these TASMAC shops to ...

Tamil Nadu Secretariat campus inside premises in St. George Fort,Tamil Nadu M.L.A.quarters, New built Secretariat ad later converted as Hospital at ANNA salai -inside premises etc.
Raj Bhavan and the squares beside to it (like Gandhi samadi/square -line of samadhi) inside premises at Patel salai at Guindy - chennai.

3. M.G.R.Square , J.Jayalalithaa Square, in Marina Beach, if required Gandhi Samadhi /Mahatma Gandhi square at Delhi, inside premises of Parliament of India , Ram Leela Maidan which always free ,all Railway stations in India, All Bus stations in India etc. will provide huge Money to Politician's as Liquor manufacturers ,since they do not consider about widows and their children on street ,so that they were arrakans/rakshas/Devils and so that may be these wine shops earlier called as arrack shops.

The above could be justice and honest Respect with solute to Late Mahatma Gandhi Policy and Father of our Nation by Politician's of India linked with bad Policies and politician's with Money making process in ruthless ways.

why I suggested these best sites because Police can not perform their duties honestly. Police work under the control of Chief Minister and they were forced to work on the orders from Chief Minister's and most of the times who were commanding selfish or their political party oriented. This attitude  must change in India . 

for this President of India and Prime Minister of India may please arrange to bring a law ,first to enforce the Ban of Alcohol sale in India by Government than by private.
Thanks j.k.sundararajan

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