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Monday, March 6, 2017

Neduvasal - a research permission can not be considered as a project approval

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First - Vadivasal ,second - Neduvasal , Now third Thalai Vasal of Secretariat than Fourth may be - Kudaivasal..... Vadi Vasal - This is the entry restricted for Jallikattu Kallai - Bull - After the Students entry in this and did a fantastic Peaceful Protest at Marina Beach Has produced or availed a good result and made Young man happy at Jallikattu. Neduvasal - People at Neduvasal and in the surroundings of Neduvasal refused to permit completely the ONGC Hydro carbon projects . For this a huge Level of woman participation is going on in protesting field. When D .M.K. Government in rule this Research Project's were permitted ,and it does not mean to go for a decision that D.M.K. or ruling party is the cause for loss. we must be very clear that a research permission can not be considered as a project approval . Now People of this area were in protest and it is well supported by Student's of Tamil Nadu once again.This is a Great strength to this protests . Minister's from Union Government of India Now having Dialogues with O N G C Executive Director Mr.Raja for explanation's. O N G C Executive Director Mr.Raja in his Interview today at Press and Media clearly told that a clear explanation was produced before concerned Minister's who were approached them Yesterday. Also Mr.Raja - Executive Director told about all the projects from 1955 by O N G C . he would have read about those projects from the records why because he can not be in service as E.D. from 1955 in O N G C. O.N.G.C. - E.D. - Mr.Raja in Interview to Thanthi TV clearly told that ONGC has done more than 182 Hydro Carbon Projects and this about 3000 t0 5000 meter in depth rigging the Carbon and will create crack's in that than only the Methane gas and oil derived, he added. In My View why he could not establish the project details to press and Media to offer knowledge to people:- 1. what are all the places in Tamil Nadu the rigging project vide research done and in pending ? 2. what is the Present green level after the projects started and finished in those Farm's or Farm land's beside's to those projects? 3. Mr.Raja E.D.-O N G C said that about 7,00,000 tons of oil and huge level of Methane gas in Cubic meters was yielded. In that case what is the project expense and what is the HUge profit against the dsaleof the same derived from those project's? 4. whether the project's carried by O N G C directly or by Dealers/on contract's /or by people influenced by Politician,(why this question because now this Neduvasal project contract belong's to B J P Personality) In such a case what was the Economical status of those contractor's before the project initiated and after the project's finished?Details. in Value of Rupees and assets of them? 5. What is the compensation paid to the Land Owner or Farmer's for doing/executing the project ? when it is ver low ? why such exploitation , when a project offers a huge Money returns as profit why Farmer or land owner not considered for a Huge Share in that profit or why those Farmer's were not brought in to the project as Partner's? Answers not available for these question's.

for example when Hon.Mrs.Fathima Bevi was the governor of Tamil Nadu she by a Government Order taken the Lands at Sriperukmbudur to Padapai Village. Here at Padappai in Panapakkam Village lands my family owned were also a part of Land acquisition and I got a compensation of Rs.5473.for the land from Tamil Nadu Government but today those lands were in good view with many Companies this includes Hyundai factory and earn Very Huge revenue's , Huge revenues to Government and or politician's also is also a hidden secret, but Land owners were not that much benefited to bering changes in their Normal life is the truth in reality. This is a clear exploitation is my recommendation to all for information and knowledge. what we can do? Nothing.

6. While O N G C E.D. and project 's and contractor's allowed to mint money why Farmer's exploited. what are the places where project's yielded Huge revenue return's ?what is the exact Value? why not the Farmer's of that area /region surrounded were not compensated? are the questions not answered. 7. In the Name of project's why cultivating lands of Tamil Nadu were in main Note. why not other states. if done in many other states, than what is the cultivation in that surroundings of that projects in such project's existing land of those states in India. 8. Kudankulam project was established and second phase and third phase were also started and working but 4th and 5th Phase were also executed by late J.Jayalalithaa ,Our Prime Minister Mr.Modiji, and Russian President Mr.Putin on video conferencing. why not these 4th and 5th phase were not had plans to organised to execute at Gujarat state which is also have Sea shore. 9. At last but not least when Minister's of mygov.in by Mr.Narendra Modi in B J P were saying that when people in Neduvasal are refuse to agree and accept this project than Government will not force the project to happen ,than why Union Government is not replying in writing to people at Protest? why protestor's in any issue's were not addressed by Minister's in Union Government and Chief Minister in State Government ,though they were the Representatives of People of the country is really a surprise and shocking news in Indian Democracy?!!!! Rest of my Thoughts on this in my next Post. I strongly recommend that this project at Neduvasal has to be stopped with immediate effect as a respect to People Feeling in Democracy of our Country India. Regards. - Mr.Rangaraj Pandey ,Mr.Karthigai Chelvan and other's in Press and Television Media were addressing and focusing on Issues but focusing the same in to the knowledge of Government and Minister's concerned directly through Debates with people of a area where a issue arises could resolve the Mind set of Minister's in Government. At Present Minister's in State and Union Government's were have the Mind set that they were from Heaven to rule people. On Issue Basis or ethnic issues Minister's concerned must pay personal attention in person with the protestor's at site is a need of the best in future Humanity. Yesterday in Thalaivasal of Secretariat Chief Minister offered payment's to the deceased Families of Farmer's Thanks j.k.sundararajan. .

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