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Monday, March 6, 2017

Late C.N.Anna Durai icon for "Pagutharivu" -

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in this 50 years rule of Dravidian party the only one Dravidan ruled Dravidan born and brought up at Tamil Nadu with Educated Caliber was Mr.Anna Durai. People know about the remaining and they will not agree that "Pagutharivu" was used by Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai Only. I will not agree the word with periyar Mr.Ramaswamy Naicker. Late C.N.Anna Durai icon for "Pagutharivu" - (Revolutionary Thought's ) ,example Late Annadurai was the only Ruler avoided Liquor sales in the state and had a dream to run the Governance with Out Liquor sales was the History. This was a Pagutharivu by "ANNA".

Mr.Raghavan B J P leader is not able to answer to your question my dear Pandey. Mr.Rangaraj pandey said about Jabali was also not required. Here I wish to add one more a answer. Pagutharivu - People at Tamil Nadu were Dravidians. and must maintain a strong notes this Pagutharivu, that is - Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai said in a meeting that I will not say all woman present here at this meeting were my sisters why because I will load (pregnancy though considered as sister in words)in woman after I considering as a sister .this is my policy. the same being represented at Ramayanam by Poet Kamban. yes, When Mr.Kumbakarna went to field to war against Rama ,Lakshmana ,he said that his death is confirmed and he can not win Rama and requested Rama to wait until a question to be asked to Mr.Lakshmana, that is he was asking to Lakhmana with the permission of Rama ,Mr.Lakshmana yu were four Brother's or four sons of Raja Dasaratha but You were not had an opportunity to have a sister born with you, so that the pain of Ravana on looking at Damaged sister Soorpanagai when she was crying with that damages caused by you at the court of Ravana and Ravana and myself were with much painful. but you four did not had such opportunity to know about the love and affection of a sister. Now Iam ready to war against you Rama. Here you can see "Pagutharivu" Minister Mr.O.S.Manian commented about Mr.Periyasamy Naiker. also known as Periyar. But He was identified and brought in to Social Justice Works as a perdominant work emphasised and instituted by Mr Rajagopalachari also known as Mr.Rajaji . so with Periyar in Tamil Nadu we could able to have major changes in Pagutharivu was institued by Mr.Rajaji so Total credits goes to Periyar is not right is my view. Late j.jayalalithaa - C.M.of Tamil Nadu returned the fund to union Government of India with out using for the welfare of S C /S T /B C /M B C was the History. Having the fund of S C S T B C /MBC Tamil Nadu Government issued Small Colour TV to all as a social welfare measure is also to be remembered . My Conclusion is Dravidian parties are not the Only source for the upliftment of People in S.C./ST/BC/MBC ,we as a Human society to work on the upliftment of Back ward people is the truth. Regards. j.k.sundararajan.

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