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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Humble view and answers to Mr.Rangaraj Pandey - (07/01/2017) Kelvikkenna Bathil | Exclusive Interview with Auditor S. Gu...

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My Answer:
All Indian are common under any law applicable in India. so we must be polite to answer any question arising out during the application of any law is my view.so answering by Mr.Rangaraj Pandey is not wrong while in using Banking services.

2. why Mr.Rangaraj Pandey could not able to work out these type of Program's on Neutral mind set. I watched many episodes of this program with many personalities by Mr.Rangaraj Pandey. In all i found and under stood that he is in favour of A.I.A.D.M.K. party exclusively. off course he may be right to his sense and capabilities. But Now it is a must to have a change in Governance in Tamil Nadu. That may be congress or B J P or any other National party to come to rule. Off course Mr.Rangaraj Pandey may not like Mr.Modi Governance via B J P party in rule.

Why he sticking on with recommendations to bring back Regional Party rule? this is also a reason Tamil nadu could not got many socio economic developments. Regional parties never co coordinated with the Government in Center in bringing all possible developments except corruption is my Humble opinion.

Jayalalithaa was different is a well known fact in Administration ,keeping in mind ,Mr.Rangaraj Pandey may please raise his question's, and it could be a better way of presenting a Justice through this program is my view.
For information only.:j.k.sundararajan.
In fact I have drafted my views about this amma Unavagam in operation now, in my posts and it was read by some one who delivered the same to ,may be to chief minister ,if required read my blog posts. I have sent my suggestion to Cheif Minister cell in writing saying about 20 KG Rice at free of cost, these are all past, and i did not require any fame for this. My look out is people living must be good, at least better.

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