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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Answers to few questions here at this Interview -(07/01/2017) Kelvikkenna Bathil | Exclusive Interview with Auditor S. Gu...

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In this interview Mr.Rangaraj Pandey while questioning rising a doubt a religion. But In my view I wish to state that we Indians live in a secular state. No doubt. Same time I wish to answer to that question to Mr.Auditor Gurumurthy from my view. Yes, Late CM J.Jayalalithaa father Mr.Jayaraman so as per the Dasildhar or collectorate office, as per Father children belongs to a religion is recorded. why I tell this because She was the daughter to Srimathy Sandhya. As per informations srimathy Sandhya belongs to Mandaiyathar Iyyengar, If this had values in Late J.Jayalalithaa life than after her death she would have been created/(burnt on fire) and the ashes would have been kept in that Samadhi/Memorial located behind Late M.G.R.Memorial is my Humble view. How ever after death discussing about a personality belongs to a religion is shall be a wrong Note is my Humble opinion.

In this Interview About Black Money and Fake Notes also questioned. This was kept confidentially was a message available in Internet. Actually the message says while Money Printed by the Earlier Governments was same Numbers printed Twice ,so clear check is on process before declaring about Black Money in Value deposited.

Entire Deposited Money can not be called as Black Money. In My View People engaged /working were paid salary/renumeration after income tax deducted is to be noted. Above to this People employed were to draw their salary deposited in Banks.
Please to under stand that the deposited Money in Banks as salary to Employees engaged by Firms/companies /Government etc were withdrawn by the same employee's from their Bank Account via Debit Card. while Money with drawn through A T M of Any Bank connected to the Account and Account Holder the withdrawn money was debited but in Most of the with Drawl found to be only in Rs.500, and Rs.1000 and only with few Rs.100/-.

so That People in Middle Class and Upper Middle class were forced to do deposits in their Bank accounts with immediate effect on announcement on demonetisation by Mr.Modi Government on 8th November 2016 is the Truth has to be agreed by all ,this includes Mr.Narendra Modi -Our Prime Minister and our President of India -Mr.Pranab Mukherjee is my Strong belief.
So people in India waiting for benefits from Government. This could take place on 1st Feb.2017. Yes, Financial Budget of India will be announced on the said date with out fail. Supreme court/Judiciary will also agree on this. why because Union of India is the combination of about 30 States and 6 Union Territories and because of State Assembly Election in Few state The Budget Date must not be changed is my Strong Recommendation to mygov.in and to the samaritans in Judiciary.
Depositing Money in a bank and questioned by Bank Manager is the duty to be performed as per Government Order is to be under stood by Mr.Rangaraj Pandey sir. This is my answer in my view to a question in this question Hour Program .Please watch the Interview in full , may please to accept my answer. Also I wish to say ,such question by a Bank officer not to be challenged by educated people, why because Bank employees follows the G.O. and they worked accordingly and we people need to support the same Bank Employees who took Huge constrain because of the Demonetisation.

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