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Saturday, April 14, 2018

world war 3

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world war 3

yes , The clouds were get started from yesterday night. this start from United States. threatening Syria and controlling Russia this act by U .S. but Iran initiated support to Syria. 

In my view as a human we all looking forward a stable peace on the earth. but the acts going on at Syria and killing innocent People in the Name of Religion and Mr. Bashar Al Assad  to maintain authority and Power doing atrocities and claiming innocent Human lives is not right and sensational.

to avoid this world War my Humble request to Mr,Bashar Al Assad of Syria must give up his office for that he must resign to bring down Peace at Syria and across the world. this is a must.

  we need to appeal when their is United Nations Organization and its security Council ,now we request her operational administration is a must is my belief. 
intervention of countries with powers and soldiers and arms is not at all a solution. so All Nations united to force U N O to intervene by all methods with Syrian Ruler immediately is the urgent need of the day, so Leaders Governing all Nation's must start to work towards Peace Negotiations.  thanks.

“We have absorbed the strike”, the official told Reuters.
“We had an early warning of the strike from the Russians ... and all military bases were evacuated a few days ago,” the official said. Around 30 missiles were fired in the attack, and a third of them were shot down, the official said.
“We are carrying out an assessment of the material damages,” the official added.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been backed in the seven-year-long Syrian war by Russia, Iran, and Iran-backed Shi’ite groups from across the region, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah.- Reuters.com

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