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Monday, April 10, 2017

President Pranab explains Aadhaar, calls it a 'watershed event' in India's development story

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President Pranab bats for Aadhaar, calls it a 'watershed event' in India's development story.

This Aadhar Card is a must.

It ban the population counting on every 5 year.Just with the Aadhar details population of India available with that if New birth and Death records ned to be Added immediately than it is simple to know the population of India at any point of time. 
It is easy to get knowledge about people on Poor and Poverty in the name of Middle class in India can be obtained because Ration Card is attached with Aadhar card.
Aadhar card details need to be merged with Voter I D Card than people can vote in On line . If this has happened world could find 100% voting in India. Why because Tablet/mobile will made easy will be a reason.
When Aadhar card is merged with Metro /Panchayat Corporation Tax and Metro water and Electricity consumption charging card than it will tell about the Consumption and payment details.

In this I personally object this corporation Tax payment to Government. My Humble Request made to President of India and Prime Minister of India Mr.Modi. still waiting for their graceful ear's to hear the plea and may gracefully agree and vanish this Tax.  why because when a person buy a ground he/she pays stamp duties. than for planning and construction Fees prescribed being also paid . .for water and sewerage connection ,for Electricity connection along with prescribed fees bribe was also paid. off course this has become common in India to all. off course Electricity and water and sewerage since the Boards provides service to Living we pay on every Month. But Corporation Tax payment is meaning less or an exploitation to each Family/Home/House ,in other words it could be  a thandal -(Rowdies collect money on every day/monthly from Markets). 

In Fact in India on road Vehicles in all types running are insured that money itself a Huge revenue to Government of India. so even after 70 years of Independence Government of India not showing interest to wipe out/vanish this corporation Tax is Painful. and once again I appeal on behalf of  people as a welfare in India ,Government By Mr.Modi will Gracefully will accept this Humble appeal in favour of people welfare and with the recommendation of President of India , This would be eradicated by bill passed in Parliament by Mr.Modi at the earliest is our strong expectation.
Aadhar card to be endorsed in Driving Licence is great ,here Government will understand the right flow of Vehicles with correct registration records.
Registration of lands and Assets must have Aadhar card  details endorsed would be a right choice to Government to know the revenue from the registration and wealth Tax.
Aadhar card details endorsed with Bank accounts is right to know Bank transactions. 
Telephone connections Mobile connections Aadhar card mad mandatory. this is right.

Even I strongly recommend  Keeping Technology and technical part with Government control and  "Marketing Sales part of BSNL"can be sold to Private ,  Instead of even maintaining   as a corporate it will fetch loss only. (If you visit BSNL KKNagar or greams road)you will find employees on service by 11AM in Morning and shut down by 5.30PM. they like to talk on many at canteen is also found in practical). BSNL telephone Bills must be prepared at leading destinations not like the present set up - now chennai customers bills are prepared by I T Division at Bangalore/Trichy/Hyderabad. when their is a enquiry than the employees say ,sir the bill is an auto generation at Hydrabad so sorry sir we could not furnish the details. so while BSNL collecting payment at chennai they must maintain the facility of Billing and forwarding also at chennai. while Government going on cashless payments ,may I request the government by Mr.Modi to call the attention of BSNL to send the details in online (SMS and other options ) only and mandatory. No paper Bill/invoice to customers - reduce the expense in that _ Request to Mr.Modi).

How ever this Aadhar card is very useful record in this growing world to keep country growth in tact is my strong recommendation.I solute my president of India for his best recommendations on this. thanks.

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