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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Humble News to Mr.Donald J Trump and Ivanka Trump -where a terrorists born? -Third world war clouds were roaming but it must not rain!!!!??Even single soldier Death is also a Huge loss to Humanity!!!!????

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My Humble News to Mr.Donald J Trump and Ivanka Trump -where a terrorists born? -Third world war clouds were roaming but it must not rain!!!!??Even single  soldier Death is also a Huge loss to Humanity!!!!????

My sincere thanks for addressing my views posted on this issue in my blog. She is the looking like a best advisor to Mr. Trump. this is good. Ivanka Trump must emphasise the following to your Highness Mr.Trump is my humble request.
United states must address and initiate to revamp or dissolve the United Nation's Organization is my Humble request. Why because, for example over 6 years a Nation Syria and its people were  allowed to last their life ,in this more than 2 lakhs children lives claimed was a shocking news to our World of 198 Nations. Here at Syria for the sake of Mr.Bashar Al Assad Government safety huge number of People lives claimed is not right. U N O must have thrown out this one man and safe guarded the people
But No action on this By U N O/ so what is the use of U N O. only an expense to world in the Name of U N O. The U N O must be revamped. or similar to League of Nation's dissolved in 1920 now the time time has come to Dissolve the United Nation's Organization now.  another example, Now North Korea and its President showing huge Technology development's on Missile technology. Each Nation in U N O committed that we will not use Nuclear Bomb against any Nation ,but in reality this is not maintained. In the Name of Technology development and it tests causes huge number of Earth quakes in the world. Missiles tested were landing at Sea and generates huge amount of water out and this is what T-sunami. this claim huge number of Human lives. 
Presently war ships of America is towards North Korea as a support to South Korea. and North Korea testing its Arms Power to attack the enemy. this War situation migrating in to the minds of Rulers is not good to thePeace Loving world .
Whether America attacks North Korea or North Korea attacks American war ships ,this is not at all required , but if happens than at least  few  soldiers of Both side may expected to die. Even single  soldier Death is also a Huge loss to Humanity in the world. Why because we or our Science can not give back  the life to such soldiers. They were also mended with families and blood relatives. so Now an immediate action required to Form  a "Chamber of Nations" (Dissolve Present U.N.O.)to be designed in to two segments. this will care the world. one to start and maintain Huge arms and soldiers to vanish Terrorists. From where a terrorists born? Terrorists were have Birth on the Notes of a Religion. So first to curb this, a   Division of "Chamber Of Nations"  Group of all Nations with Positive Notes on "Born To Live" policy and they must take quick action to form "rules and regulation to govern Religion and Politics. "Religions must not have entry in Politics. similar to this Politics and Politicians must not use Religion as a room to rule the people. If Religions were  issued a separate entity and separated from politics to govern themselves and not to generate any unlawful acts in people society, than we can site huge developments from Religions is a bright possibility.. Religions must take care of people welfare measures in all forms.  why because religions were having Huge funds in account
Third world war clouds were roaming but it must not rain is our expectation ,and my strong Recommendation to Super Powers Like USA, RUSSIA, IRAN, ISRAEL,CHINA, U.K., etc.

Politics or politicians were to establish their Governance of Business in all spheres with Norms and rules as designed in the world to continue, with out any link with Religion. Politician's must be with No Interests in Bribe or corruption must be a quality .Nations must share people and their knowledge as and when required to an extent with in the frame work of Rules/Laws of a Nation. Any Foreign entry must be accounted with all needs. after strict defined laws entries to be permitted accordingly. World Must have a standard of Money which must be defined by "Chamber of Nation's" this must be exchange to derive the Money Value. Nation's must specify a standard of economy and it must be defined properly to make people easy living. Cultural heritage of any Nation must not be challenged. Rest of my ideas to you madam Ivanka will be continued.... Regards. Present U NO is not functioning totally right from Ex Mr.Banki Moon is the truth known to all Nations. Any Nation not to be a threat to other nation on ant time. this must be maintained by a division in "Chamber of Nations" if designed and activated.http://getpaidatlink.blogspot.in,http://getpaidout.blogspot.in,paybizz.blogspot.in etc. please join and stay connected with my blog's ,please. once again Thanks. j.k.sundararajan.

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