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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hon.Governor Mr.Vidyasagar Rao to go For Dissolve the Present Assembly

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Hon.Governor Mr.Vidyasagar Rao to go For Dissolve the Present  Assembly  and to pave way for Next State Assembly Election for the 12th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

  Dissolving present State Assembly will be a clear chit to  Democratic Right of People of Tamil Nadu to exercise once again. 

The present Government/Assembly elected /voted by People of Tamil Nadu only on welcoming Late J.Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister for this assembly. But J.Jayalalithaa died .

 So People of Tamil Nadu has to  be given an opportunity to elect and select their own admirable person as Next 12th chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is the right way in deciding the present crisis is my Humble view.

As per Mr.O.Paneer Selvam, A I A D M K General secretary election is wrong , if that is wrong than the list now presented or established and presented to Governor Vidyasagar Rao may be a wrong. 

How ever  M.L.A.'s to stay  in M.L.A.Quarters at Anna salai could be a right job for a decision to arrive is also a truth.

In Ultimate Announcing /declaring /recommending Dissolve the present Assembly to President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee may be  a right decision is my Humble view/ 

 Huge Money last on Corruption acts, so Loosing 200 cores for a healthy New Government/Assembly will be a right deed is my view.



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