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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

(06/03/2017)Ayutha Ezhuthu Discussion on 50 Years of Dravidian Govt..

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Mr.Gopanna to under stand that Mr.rajaji was the front runner on social issues and he brought Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy in to religious reformations for that Mr.E V Ramaswamy started D.K.. than Mr.Rajaji asked Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy to start a Political party to Ban/stop Congress and its development's in Tamil Nadu state, so He started D.M.K. with Mr.E.V.K.Sampath as its First Party President. Mr.E.V.K.Sampath was also recommended and supported by Mr.Rajaji. Though till Death Late Mr.Anna Durai not agreed and accepted Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy and its views was also recommended and instated as D.M.K. Leader. Late Mr.Anna Durai in 1967 won the election and paved way to occupy the same high office by Dravidian Parties .

Late C.N.Anna Durai was recommended by Late Mr.Rajaji ,due to health conditions Mr.C.N.Annadurai died and he did not any alliance with Congress.

after the death of Mr.Annadurai Congress raided on both Dravidian parties. A.I.A.D.M.K. started by Late Mr.M.G.R.who was also recommended and supported by Late Mr.Rajaji.
But to us it is shocking to the world and people that Mr. M.G.R. who do not drink even in film acting supported and promoted the liquor sales in Tamil Nadu is also truth. Now the same liquor sale done by Government of Tamil nadu. But this Liquor sales has to be stopped completely at Tamil nadu is our expectation.

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