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Monday, January 23, 2017

Mr.Paneer Selvam Government with Police supported Pupil and people protests on different Places in Tamil Nadu why because they felt that they were also having the same feeling in their Blood and Nerves

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Tamil Nadu Police and C M Mr.OPS were maintaining Patience for peaceful condition is very great as Proud full Tamil speaking Indians!!!!!. Yes

In the world in particular in India people could not have seen in their life time such a good State Police administration with Nationality feelings and Chief Minister Mr.O.Paneer Selvam's Peaceful method and with patience acting on the Jallikattu issue towards Student's protests over 9 Days was very great. This has been witnessed by people in the world and in well appreciating status.

Jallikattu a Game played with Bull in Villages over centuries would have been permitted by Judiciary why because this is a a function on a day for few hours. But due the Mis leading Petitions and views opinions to Supreme court by PETA paved the way to protests

If Supreme court had a Dialogue with President and Prime Minister of India before issuing Justice their was a possibility for the Permission for Jallikattu with legal entity. But it is unfortunate we people in Tamil Nadu ,Tamil Speaking Indians to had protest for many days applying peaceful modes.

For the protests on all Days till date Tamil Nadu Police did not used or had  even the Thumb/Rule Thadi in protection acts is the truth witnessed by all. Today while disbursing few untoward incidents took place that should be by  Criminals who were waiting for this

Yesterday when Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr.O.Paneer Selvam and the District Collector was made/forced  to return to Chennai by few people with out allowing to conduct Jallikattu game  in Alanganallur was unlawful and shame full. But it was not taken very seriously by the Chief Minister Mr.O.Paneer Selvam was great. Normally he is a very polite and calm person in Tamil Nadu Politics.

Actually Mr.Paneer Selvam Government with Police supported Pupil and people protests on different Places in Tamil Nadu why because they felt that  they were also having the same feeling in their Blood and Nerves  is the Truth.

Today after the closure of Protests by students few criminals using the Name of Pupil ,people protest burnt a police station at Chennai and public properties.  Government immediately reacted and intimated all schools and colleges to preclosure and rushed all Buses to shed for few hours for safety .Even at this stage Police safe guarded Pupil and people protested  and sent them back with smile and happy notes was very great to witness.

Few press and media tried to aggravate the Protest was ended in a grand failure.

Union Government of India ,President of India were also observed all development's on this Jallikattu Issue with Peacefully and  respected the value of our Cultural Heritage is to be remembered at all times to come

We Indians know well that people gathering more than 5 in Public place are all coming under judicial actions through Police ,But Marina is a public place but it can not be a place considered under the above said legal Norm ,because it is exceptional and allowed till date for people for joy by watching Sea is the truth, so using this Students /Pupil and people gathered at Marina Beach shore and protested over 8 Days for Jallikattu and with out disturbing Normal Life of Public and works with the support of Police and Government of Tamil Nadu by Mr.O.Paneer Selvam is the truth.

Above all we people cold not notice such a person in High Office  like C M Mr.O.Paneer Selvam who is with Patience with Nigh Notes built in his blood is great, yes, any other person in High Office in India will not maintain the same patience on Disturbed authority, in an unauthentic way providing shame or Insult  would have created or generated huge level of Disturbance/unrest to  Public is the truth. But Mr.O.Paneer Selvam chief Minister of Tamil Nadu proved he is different than any other Politician in the world. Good.

My Best wishes to Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu Mr.O.Paneer Selvam, Tamil Nadu Police,  Pupil and People protested peacefully.

In My feel, People and Pupil should have protested not to conduct Panchayat Board and Corporation Election's for M.L.C.,which is the Disturbing Politicians in Nature in all matters and by all means was the History. so it is an unwanted burden in expense and living to people in India. 

M.L.A. for State Legislative Assembly and M.P.'s for Legislature/Parliament is enough to do Political works as per constitution is my Strong recommendation to all Indians. all Other responsibilities must be with Officers and employees.


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