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Thursday, April 21, 2016

few Political Leaders in highest fame and Power about their Life in Risk

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It was informed on astrological reasons to few Political Leaders in highest fame (financial corruption charges - Black Money)and Power about their Life in Risk. Few told remedies also But they did not believed astrological predictions was the truth.
Astrology is a science. And today we do not have people like Aryabhatta or varahamirar or many authentic lived.
In 2016 Saturn association/conjunction with Mars is not favorable to people and living things across the world.
This is almost up to 14th August 2016, after that only we can breathe normally.

Jupiter and Rahu association will generate sluggish and a notorious turn.

Jupiter and Rahu together will cause Religious Rifts in Human society which is unavoidable. People loose faith in religious acts. Trouble between Religions will broke out and that is what a Very Big Danger to the world. In the Name of superiority unwanted war will broke out. The war will go for few hours but it will result the Recovery actions over many decades to come .This Damage includes Nature.

In the Month Of April 2016 retrogression of Major Planets and will result in Major Level of Destruction's and damages to People Lives and to living things.

This will be up to 9th may 2016.  Solar Eclipse on 9th march 2016 offer good effects.. But Eclipse in September will create Troubles to Countries like United States, United Kingdom and Many Arabian Countries with King or Queen as their Rulers .

Up to 9th May 2016, countries like Iran or Israel or any other Middle East countries not to try to show its Super Power in any manner on any Technology or Science. That will cause Danger and Major Loss in Middle East Region.

In this period any ruler or President in Power, if, make visits than it could be a very Very Risk to His Life.

This 2016  ,Saturn and Mars association will not Favor Islam community. So they must maintain  Calm and Peace  to its Highest possibility, other wise it will bring Ruin to Islam community. Not Only I say this, also this is with Nostordomous Predictions end by this Year predicted 500 years back for 500 years .

So my Humble request to Middle East Countries,United States,Germany,France,Russia  is to maintain Peace Harmony is a must up to September 2016 Solar eclipse and not to get tempted on any raising issues from any Nation.prolonging issues could be a good technique.

Indian Prime Minister with the running Moon Mahadasa and Saturn Bukthi. So My Indian Prime Minster has to be very careful up to August 2016. sorrow and treacherous  things to over come will be a task.

To Mrs.Hillary Clinton After August Good Period ,But before that her Health problems will be a big concern to her.
Global economy will be very bad in shape in 2016 up to September.Share Market will not perform well.

A War between India and Pakistan in Border is a possibility but Loss will be very much in restricted level.

Since Mars stays in One House almost for the complete Year Varieties of Loss will occur in all countries in the world.

Huge Rain is expected .Rain will be Heavy in Night Session. Rivers will Over flow. The level of Rain is  could like 400 years ago.
Rain water going to cause huge damages in many countries ,including India.

In Most of the Banks Money deficit could be found. Bankruptcy in Central Bank of many countries is a possibility.

In India at Coimbatore Major Damages could be a possibility due to a Natural Disaster . this could be a Earth quake.

Ships and Boats will get in to wrong destinations due to Heavy rain or storm in sea.
Water level in sea will rise for about 7 times. In one time it could have the height about more than 20 feet.

Major Number of Plane accidents is possible in 2016. In water falls in Hill stations many accidents will occur.
Through out the year you will find many revolutions ,protests and clashes will take place in all nations. Peace and Harmony will be disturbed.

Kala Bairaver is the Diety to pray to escape from all type troubles in 2016.

Building constructionmaterials price will fall to its maximum. Very Low price can be found in 2016. Petrol and Diesel price Hike will continue.

Archeological department will find many rare objects below earth in many regions.

Change in Nature and environment will get bad shape.

In India Tuticorin and vedaranyam and Rameshwaram were the areas could be badly affected Areas due Heavy Rain fall and also due to water level raise in sea.

Many earth quakes in Pacific Ocean are a possibility.
Varanasi,Gaya and in many Rivers in North Water Over Flow will cause Huge Loss.

Andhra ,Odisha states in India will be badly affected by Storm.

Once again Flood will affect Chennai and its surroundings up to Cuddalore, Andhra, Odissha, Madhya Pradesh; Utter Pradesh is also a possibility.

Earth quake will be felt slight in Northern states of India.

In Germany Fire accidents will occur often.
In the Month of October Earth quake could be felt in many parts of the world.

Bank Lockers could face Fire accidents in many countries.
How ever this Tamil New year Birth time is very very Bad and we people in world going to witness major Loss to Religious minded people.

Rest I will Publish in the Next Post. Regards,

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