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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mr.Pon.Radha Krishnan will be the Next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu!

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Mr.Pon.Radha Krishnan will be the Next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu!

B J P must contest in all 234 Assemble seats in Tamil Nadu.

already Congress had Third Position in almost all results with the Number of Votes secured. very light difference from the winner is also a truth.

so Congress must not go in alliance with any political party in Tamil Nadu, so Congress must contest in all 234 seats.
this will enable congress to occupy the opposition party status in Tamil Nadu.

so National Party Rule by BJP at Tamil Nadu is a Need of this time. People looking forward This as a right Change in Tamil Nadu from 2016 State Assembly Election going to take place.

B J P must demand in Judiciary to make Jallikattu as a permit to Village Contest/play/Game.
while Government's across the world permitted /allowed Horse Race ,a Gambling which is also a type of harassment of an animal Horse. Racing is not a nature of a Horse. In Fact many people from Judiciary taking part in Horse Race can also be seen in that Horse Race gambling Stand's.
so Mr.Prakash Jawdekar  need to sit with Prime Minister and Law Minister and Judges from Judiciary to get Permission granted for this Jallikattu on the above said valid reason. Animal welfare Board from any country may not wish to counter this approval,why because they did not objected in any country on Horse Race as a pain or Animal Disturbance. In Fact many from animal welfare are participating/playing in Horse Race by buying Tickets.

Judgement could be one and the same for all animal inter actions with Man on earth.

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