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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nitin Gadkari Defends Narendra Modi | Bihar Elections 2015 - This is a wrong move once again is my view!

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Mr.Narendra Modi Know well how to defend this Bihar issue Here by
Defending way Mr.Nitin gadkari may be trying to create Troubles to
Mr.Modi. Bihar Election result is a Finished matter. In My view Mr.Nitin
Gadkari may like to generate troubles to Mr.Modi or B J P. This is a
wrong method is my belief.
At the time of Election Mr.Amit shah
stated few unwanted statements in the election campaign. Now .... what
is this ,why B J P suddenly turn towards wrong path? is my question?
also I strongly Recommend that Mr.Nitin Gadkari and Mr.Amit Shah were to
be removed from their designation is a must to enhance the Good Going
of B J P.

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