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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Can you please say or reveal or arrange to investigate the truth why Family Members of Blood relatives of Mahatma Gandhiji were not allowed to Live in India When Freedom /Independence issued on 15th August 1947 or after That? - bbc.com may not be in a position to fix /provide answers to these question's

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May I request BBc Hard Talk or haveyoursay may arrange to get answer to my doubt’s given below!?.

Recently  His great Grand son RajMohan Gandhi is working as Governor in India

British Government and its Governor's and Viceroy's know well that many Leaders worked under Mahatma gandhiji in Freedom Struggle,and how Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Jinnah were elevated as Prime Ministers of Divided India?

who was the man/team of people behind this division?

why Jinnah suddenly made his Religious social League as a Political Party?

Internet reveals all family Relatives or legal Heirs of Mahatma Gandhiji ,But not Living in India,why?

who was the real criminal assassinated Mahatma Gandhi  brutally immediately after the Independence (that is with in 6 month period)?

15th August 1947 Independence and on 30th January 1948 Gandhiji shot dead,who was behind this brutal Planning?
And with in 6 months Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was dead. how this has happened? 

At the time of freedom struggle or fight/war in India Many Number protester's were killed ,many Number of Protester's made to face huge painful punishment's (for example Chekizutha semmal shiva and many others were forced to do the crushing the oil from crushing Machines and they were died as cruel killing,and Kodi Katha Kumaran and others were killed are the very painful data/stories/history in Freedom struggle. 

In This connection Surprising Matter striking to my mind is ,

we People are informed that   Mahatma Gandhi saw a Farmer near Madurai with only one Dhoti that also in shabby condition ,made/changed  his mind to take a sudden decision on which Gandhi   used wear only Dhoti and avoided Formal wear like coats/shirt and others.  But at the same time when many People and leaders from different places of the Nation who participated in freedom Struggle were given Death Punishment's and Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were arrange  kept in safe custody in Imprisonment by the than British Government ruled India,Why Mahatma Gandhi not hesitated this style of Action immediately?

After the death of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the only remained person was Mr Morarji Desai ,who was accompanied in all Meetings as Congress man in Anand Bhavan,Delhi was not revealed any thing on these !suddenly he formed a political party  that is Janata Party and had a Himalayan Victory against Indira Congress of that time in India!He was a good administrator but not revealed any thing why? 

Why and who was behind the death of Mr.Lal Bahadur sasthri at Tashkent in Russia? after Mr.Lal Bhadur sasthri , all other Freedom Fighters who lived after Independence were not given importance,why? 


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