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Monday, November 23, 2015

Home in Encroachment's on River bed/shore /on road side in Low areas has need to be evacuvated as early as Possible

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Bihar Election -well handled by Mr.Mulayam singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Person from Islam community at U.P. has ben killed .also to note that Mr.Lalu and Mr.Mulayam singh are in very good under standing ,is a bright Possibility. So the Religious problem might have been created and generated by Samajwadi party would have resulted the failure to B J P at Bihar is the truth.

Similar to this many more Social acts has to be attended on priority by Government in all State's as well as Union Government in India and Social Groups,UNO,across the world. 
Please Note ,Now huge Rain shelling took place in tamil nadu. 
Huge Rain shelling across the world happend and claimed huge Number of Human lives .Current date it is in action at Tamil Nadu.
Current Date in United Staes Ice (ice stone) Rain and generated huge Loss. 

Now, Mr.Mulayam singh celebrated his Birth day but Mr.Lalu is Missing. and in Mr.Nitish Swearing ceremony Mr.Mulayam singh was missing is known to all. . This is an application of Divide and rule technique.

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