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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rajinikanth speech at Justice Kailasam Stamp Release

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In My View this is certainly not connected to any justice delivered on any case connected to any famous politician is the Truth. Than what is the hidden secret on this Truthful comment by Mr.Rajnikanth might be on Two Popular Barrister of Laws of India.!. This Message will be posted in my Next Following Post in detail .

In This speech Rajnikanth mentioned about Judge Kailasam and Mrs.Soundra Kailasam who were Mother in Law and Father in Law to Mr.P.Chidambaram - Ex Finance Minister of India. One more message from my end ,that is Mr.Palani swamy was a very Richest Man with thw ownership of more than 3 Villages in those days was the Truth. It Means Mr.Chidambaram also a man born with silver spoon.


wait and watch and read my Next Post on this comment by Mr.Rajnikanth. Mr.Rajnikanth might agree on my view on his comment. Regards.

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