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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Arun Jaitley puts record straight on Lalit Modi issue, slams Rahul and C...

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Hi to my dear Mr. Arun Jaitley 

, you banned all illegal politics and shameful acts of politicians in Lok sabha today. well done . Please continue on the same Tempo. Please look in to constitution , with the available facilities in that sections ,also pre happened -History Please make a grant success in passing both GST bill And Land acquisition Bill in Both Houses. My Best wishes.

For example when Mrs.Fathima Beevi Governor of Tamil Nadu by an order from Governor through Press Government acquisition of lands happened for the installation and construction of Hyundai Motor company and many Industries developed as side by side was the development. In that My 3 grounds was also took place and the government paid after a long time a sum of Rupees 5340/ only. This was the Government Rate. But 

Today mygov.in by BJP introducing Land acquisition bill says 5 times of Payment on Market price ruling on that date or prevail is really a wonderful benefit to Land owners. above to this 

few political parties demand that after completion of 5 years from the date of land acquisition if those lands which are all not utilised for the said purpose than the lands has to be handed over back to Owners. 

But My suggestion is if the  acquisition lands are not utilised even after 5 years than Government may commit that the land owners will get the difference amount on the Market price of the lands prevails on that date

for this Farmers and Land owners will agree with out any delay.

My best wishes to pass these bills by mygov.in by BJP.


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