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Friday, March 20, 2015

Most Dangerous Woman in America - The Republican Budget Plan Will Devastate American Families

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Most Dangerous Woman in America 

Kshama Sawant, the socialist on the City Council, 

Sawant is up for re-election this year.is as intense as she is articulate. Sawant, born in India, is a leader of theSocialist Alternative Party. She holds a doctorate in economics from North Carolina State University and before her election to the City Council was a professor at a community college. She knows that there will be no genuine reforms, let alone systemic change, without the building of radical mass movements and a viable third party. 

Sawant believes that because of the presidency of Barack Obama—who has served corporate power, expanded imperial wars, carried out a massive assault on civil liberties and failed to address the needs of the mounting numbers who are unemployed or underemployed—many people, especially young people, are hungry for political alternatives to “the two big business parties.” Poll after poll, she pointed out, shows the American majority to be disgusted with the Congress.
The goal of this campaign should be to launch a massive grass-roots effort nationwide, and to build on it after the election, something that Ralph Nader failed to do. We have to provide a place for people looking for something different, especially the younger generation.

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