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Sunday, February 22, 2015

plan to reduce cst to 2%,Reduce the local state Tax to 5% -generate pressure on People to follow

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respected PMO office of my gov. here the space provided in this website is very small so I continued my suggestions here  in my blog and Linked with this site. please visit http://getpaidout,blogspot.in .

Please simplify the Tax pattern. Instead of 4% cst  and 8.6% Local Tax by State Governments and Vat in Few states are totally Looks good but in practical Union Government by this terms allowing a room to generate and increase Black Money on every day

For example If you visit Gold Jewellery Shops most of the Shops never issue Bill /Invoice with CST and Tin or Tax Numbers . 99% of the sale takes place on Delivery Notes which gives way to Black Money generation. Tax revenue to Government is very very low why because fabricated audit reports.

in all Petrol Pumps in India you visit to put Petrol or diesel to your Vehicles. (except Shell Pumps) You will not be issued Bill/Invoice for your Purchase, even few provide Bill or Invoice are( Naam Ke Vaste) for Claim purpose which is also with out Tin or cst or Tax Numbers. Here in all Petrol Pumps they sell with out Bills and create Balance sheets or audit reports using auditors which are fabricated

Please visit to all or any  Textile Show rooms and Departmental stores in Chennai or Pune or  in India this includes owned by Politician's and Industrialists ,here including auditors and their family members visits and buy goods and do merchandising ,and they do take delivery ,all Deliveries are made against Delivery memo's which do not pertaining Tax Numbers or C S T Numbers .But All these departmental stores generating Huge Black Money and do Fabricated Auditors report / or Balance sheets and pay a small amount as Tax  paying to Government of India. 

For Example if you visit Kashmiri Gate in delhi or Opera House market in Mumbai or Usman Road in t.nagar in Chennai you can find the above said is 100% Truth.
Here you will  find most of them are Tax exploiters.

If you visit Hotels like Saravana Bhavan ordinary common people can not visit to take food for even one time,due to food items sold are very costly , you know this . so how we are going to correct this to make our Human society to enjoy Normal and Happy Life?.
These type of Hotels and Departmental stores are highlighting  a message that Government and its taxing is very high and arranging to make the mind set of people or buyers  to try to avoid paying tax to their Purchases and demanding supplies with out Bills is the 100% Truth.

If You Visit Very Big Whole Sale Markets like KoyamBedu or Pune Market Delhi market where we can find People with Political entity gains Huge profits on all broking Transactions. Yes, here  Farmers not benefited or Common not benefited is also 100% truth.Here you can find Vegetables,flowers and fruits are sold in Billions on ever day but all these transactions with out Tax to Government is also 100% truth.
Like cinema these are all only trailer news but Major Heavy Tax evasions and hidden secrets for that and how to rectify this Tax revenue exploitations ? is to be addressed by us in mygov.in
making Cinema Industry as a Tool converting Black money in to white ,by producing the film in Different countries and with forgery Bills showing Huge expenses,selling the film at a higher price and showing Huge profit as return are all few magic in film Industry is also a truth.

In automobiles people pay Huge number of lakhs for their car but they were not demanding  receipts for their exact payments made is also Truth.  Automobile sellers generate/register  in mid or at the end (in the last quarter) of a financial year different companies or firms suddenly to avoid Super tax to government . this is also 100% truth.

In electronics huge value of Business are carried over . for example Mobile which costs huge but these are rectified with software and hardware are at high profits but with out Invoice with Tax Numbers. This is also a Black Money Generation is also 100% truth.

Coming to Press and Media here they get Huge revenue from advertisements  and in Press Circulation of Copies wise they claim first position and they do keep sign boards declaring that they are in first in circulation but their payments as Tax to Government is not at par with circulation is also 100% Truth.

Like the above many more areas where Government of India is getting very low return as Tax revenue can be explained by me. 

But I would like to convey my suggestion here to Increase this Tax revenue is 
Please plan to reduce cst to 2% and it should be with a term and rule to  say that this 2% C S T will not be returned at any reason to any manufacturer or Buyer.
Reduce the local state Tax to 5% on all Sales generate pressure on People to follow a Rule and on that People must show their interest in paying this 5% Tax on all of their Purchases ,for people must demand Bill or Invoice for their Purchases . so By this 7% Taxes Union Government of India will Huge Tax Revenue than the present income declared in Budget's .

Than after this I would like to establish ideas to define  how to establish a strong and faithful Government by B J P in all States and Union Territories of India ,similar to Present Union Government by Mr.Narendra Modi at Union Government.!

In railways segment many Number of socio economic revolution is possible

In Transports many revolutions are possible.

In River Unification project huge level of Green and white revolution is possible

But just by reducing taxes on electronic items and or House Hold items are not revolutionary in Budgets is my strong recommendation. Now B J P did a open deal or open Bid for coal and  Lignite mines is good approach. similar to that many required as open book to People to understand the Government and its transparency. 
make clear message to Politicians willing to be politician's that they are for Public service or social service and they should not be for Revenue earning mind set.This is also a must.

B J P very cleverly and bravely with out doing strong public address by Leading personalities like Mr.Modi,Mr.Arun Jaitely,Mrs.Sushma,Mr.Ravi shankar,Mr.Raj nath singh etc in Delhi assembly election which to keep close the door tightly  to Congress by Nehru Family people is the message addressed or entertained is also a truth known to people like me.
  Mr.Arvind Kejriwal has won and occupied the Chief Minister Office is also a truth. In fact if Kiran Bedi has got elected and took the oath of office as Chief Minister of Delhi than it could be a danger started to B J P also. Why because Kiran Bedi I.P.S. is a very strict and Honest Indian Officer is a proud News
Kiran Bedi who was a Bold and courageous lady/Indian Woman who took the car of Mrs Indira Gandhi in Custody when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister is also a truth known to all is to be remembered.  so It may be good to Politicians that Kiran Bedi did not elected. How ever Kejriwal and his party people 67 are elected by Delhi people is a turning Point in Politics of India. yes Educated Person occupied Chief Minister Office and C M Office has arrived a Good Value is also a Truth must not be neglected by mygov.in. Good wishes to Aravind kejriwal Team and not to entertain corruptions. Off course Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is not that much shrewd like Ms.Kiran Bedi I.P.S. If You need further explanation on this than take this. Mr.Abdul Kalam is a best scientist of our world but he is not a Best Administrator Like Late  Mr.Alexander.(Ex Governor of Tamil Nadu and Twice as Governor at Maharashtra, on People Demand for the IInd term).

Similarly it is simple and easy to get establish National Party Rule in Tamil Nadu for that you need to work for the people welfare truthfully is a must. In South India any change in Politics is simply possible in 30 Days is already established. it is true. so Think on people welfare and you may take my recommendations for that or on that welfare measures will be addressed to P M O in short time. But I look for a space increased  in mygov.in in PMO office to interact with P M site in Internet. now at present the space provided by you is very small and I could not write huge message . I look for confidentiality and I can not write all in my Blogs. In the site mygov.in  may be designed or restructured with a big space to address ideas and suggestions views to PMO is a must is my recommendation. Thanks.  


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