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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Your Life and Fortune in 2014 - Sagittarius - also people born in 22nd Nov to 21st Dec.

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Your Life and Fortune in 2014 - Sagittarius  - also people born in 22nd Nov to 21st Dec. 

In your home and at work up to April you will find quarrels and unrest and unhappy. From July you will get relief from sickness and worries and financial constrains.In Office official displeasure will be their. by October you will start in Normal run in office and your success and desires will get fulfilled.
You have to struggle hard to level your financial needs.You will go with Loans.For Politicians ans Students this will be a challenging year. enemies will be vanished. problem to your children will go away and you can find them happy again. New birth or New relation due to Wedding is a possibility. this will be a lucky one. 
You will work like Arjuna in  showing your skills.unemployed will get posted. 

In Love affairs you will find conflicts and struggle. You will try to skip friends.experiencing many High and low health issues will create a grip in your life. You may enter in to Eye Problems or issues in Head .

You should be very careful in your Travels and Tours.few may change or try to change your position or office or business.Transfer will cause worries. Old age person of your family or a person on sick will pass away. recovery is only 10% possibility to them.

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