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Thursday, June 20, 2013

rupee hits record low: dealers - India on Financial Crisis?

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RBI likely sold dollars after rupee hits record low: dealers.

UPA 2 Government failed to save the Country and its Economy. So On Moral Responsibility UPA2 may be asked to resign by President of India ,why because President of India is also a Man of Finance. so Opposition Parties failed to show their responsibility on this.

all essential commodities were reached to its peak on Price.
so we middle class people could not survive with the resources of our economy

Indians must raise our Voice on this on Moral Responsibility. we People in India must demand to our President of India to Dismiss the present Government on its Failure in caring people

Indian rupee hits new all-time low of 60, down 130 paise against USD

Indian rupee slumped to a life-time low of 60 in early trade, tumbling 130 paise against the US dollar. Stocks and bonds were hit after the Federal Reserve signalled a tapering of its monetary stimulus, highlighting the country's dependence on foreign capital inflows to fund its current account deficit.

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