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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Buzz It

The Taliban has formed a six-member committee to deal with the grand jirga.
 How a Terrorists team could able to co ordinate with Father-of-pakistan-nuclear bomb? 

what is the necessary to a senior scientist claiming a designation as Father of Pakistan Nuclear Bomb? are the questions erupting in mind?
That side North Korea, and on the other side may be Iran?

some thing wrong going to Happen in the world?.
Taliban leader Bin Laden was killed in his shelter near Pakistan army head quarters by United States.
 Taliban being identified as a Terrorist wing/team/Gang destroying people and parts of the world is in the past  data. 

Is Taliban Terrorists Hands used in the Brutal Killing of Benazir Bhutto may be by Zardari may be by an MOU? Is their any arrangement to Taliban to participate in the next Pakistan Government expected to get elected?
Now Taliban demanded  father-of-Pak-nuclear-bomb-A-Q-Khan-in-talks-with-govt is striking in my mind and say ,is Taliban has become a political party in Pakistan?. What happening at Pakistan?

If Taliban joining Hands with Government of Pakistan than it is a Bad time to US President from that second is also a possibility . It is an obsolute necessary to US to keep keen watch on all developments at pakistan is a must, I believe.

Pakistan Government said in all these days that it is trying to find out the Taliban Terrorists? Is it True or False News from Pakistan Government,right from Mr.Musharraf to Mr.Zardari ? 
as a neighboring country Inda must keep keen observation on all proceedings and development's through election  in Pakistan has become a need?.

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