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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BJP will face Failure and continue to be a Opposition Party in the Next Parliament

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Mr.Rashid Alvi and Mr.Jaiswal Congress M.P.'s were showing interest in Rahul Gandhi as a King Maker?

Rahul Gandhi may likely to announce Mr.Kamal Nath as P.M.Candidate of Congress?. This is the Popular people Talk in India. 

This is controversial to Mr.Digvijay singh Congress spoke man , who told Rahul not to announce any other person as P.M.Candidate and Rahul must take an opportunity to announce himself as P.M.Candidate!.

My View:

Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi daughter of Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru who got married  Feroz khan Gandi a Persian Islam  and might have Got registered wrongly and unknowingly a spelling error as Feroz Khan Gandhi instead of Gandi is  true.

Honestly speaking in Indian culture son or daughter were belongs to a Father community/religion who may married any woman belongs to any religion.

here Late Mrs.Indira Gandhi got married  Feroz khan Gandi belongs Persian Islam - a pure Islam Person - as per the conventions exists in the world.

So Basically Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,Late Mr.Sanjay Gandhi and than their son and daughter were also belongs to pure Islam religion. so Rahul Gandi and Priyanka Gandi were also Have Islam Hereditary.

So India a secular country was ruled by Congress Politician's from Mr.Nehru -a Royal Iyer Family from Allahabad  were also from Islam is to be remembered.

In all these years Islam Ruling India in the Name of Nehru Family members

My another view:

Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi who fall in Love with Mrs. Sonia in Italy ,and she belongs to Catholic Christian a Pure Christian by religion. Italy a country which is very bearer to Rome / Vatican city is also to be remembered.

People  talk in India that Italy may be with  secret ideologies might have allowed Mrs. Sonia to Marry Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi ,a Gentle Man from Islam from India who underwent Pilot training at Italy.This might be a arrangement to block Islam rulers in India as chair persons in Government is also to be understood properly.

A Popular talk in people in India today  is ,present Prime Minister of India is also converted to Christianity?.God only Knows.

May be with all this messages in mind as a congress M.P.Mr.Dig Vijay Singh today commented that Mr.L.K.Advani demolished Babri Masjid?.

We Indians need to ratify this matter /claim on L.K.Advani from congress M.P.'s!.



L.K.Advani had birth at Pakistan and a Popular Politician at India. Present Prime Minster Mr.Man Mohan singh is also a citizen of Pakistan why because his birth place is also Pakistan.


Kar seva of RSS when called the rally to Protest against Babri Masjid which is not allowing to renovate and construct Lord Rama Temple which is annexed to the compound of Babri Masjid and Rama temple  was also in existence over centuries.In this Rally Mr.L.K.Advani took part with the Other leaders.

at that time Late Mr.Narasimha Rao who was a Prime Minister keeping cornered Mrs.Sonia Gandhi ,wife of Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi created unwanted fear about Indians and on telling exaggerated threats to her life and  to her family members and made herself to keep away from Politics of India  is also to be remembered now

And ,Late Narasimha Rao as a congress Prime Minister of than time who granted permission for that Rally as well as indirectly instructed to proceed to damage the Babri masjid was a news strongly prevailed  in People Talk in that time has to be remembered to know the color of Congress policy in Secularism in India.

so it is clear ,if L.K.Advani team did any damages in that Rally  than it is because of Congress Government instructions to security Offices this includes army people engaged for security reasons of  that issue of that time.. why Congress leaders /Government failed to stop that  Rally may be intended to Damage Babri Masjid ?.No answers till date. so L.K.Advani is a clean Hand and Good Politician in Politicians of this time in India.

BJP may please announce L.K.Advani as P.M.Candidate now for the Upcoming General election probably expected in End week of June or First week of July!.

If Narendra Modi is announced as a P.M.Candidate than BJP will face Failure and continue to be a Opposition Party in the Next Parliament also. If BJP want to Rule next Parliament than L.K.Advani must be the P.M.Candidate is my Strong Recommendation and View.


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