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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If Obama was an Indian Politician

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If Obama was an Indian Politician. No chance. All right if it Happens than Constitution of India has to get changed, If Obama wants to be a Powerful Authority in Governing India.
Otherwise Mr.Obama can easily become the President of India , Just having the support and help of Mrs. Sonia

This is not my View but the world witnessed in the Previous Presidential election's

 when Mrs. Sonia Nominates ,wishes , one Person to be the President of India or Prime Minister of India ,it is Possible with out any Objections was the practical truth. even Judiciary with Samaritans never questioned or objected was the History but who knows the future?.
so It is better Mr.Obama , may please fix a meeting with U.P.A. Chair person for dialogues than see the Miracles,than he may become Prime Minister of India also. Mrs. Sonia is Such a Powerful women in India.

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