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Monday, November 5, 2012


Buzz It
in auto's technology at its peak is the truth.

Lexus is on Board with major comfort developments and engineering ,now on Market ,just ride your Lexus and it is a status to you.

Volks wagan is Car of the Year 2012 now with Major advanced technology with Competitive price ,beyond excellence in out look with  pulling  Customers to its Door capacity.

But for information in India at Tamil Nadu in Chennai Dealer showrooms right from Nandanam Chennai dealer point in Tamil Language instead of Volkswagan spell or written as Folkswagan  , so it is may be ,may be a way of an exploitation to a Major Brand in the world. may be a way of collapsing the brand Name. it is not intensional but may be a mistake in translation showing on the Sign Board.
In India authorities concerned and this Prestigious Volkswagan Car company did not Care about this ,including  ,Sales Team and customers not identified this Brand Name in  Confusion in transliterate. Volkswagan is doing very well but in other Brand Name in Regional language, given wrong  knowledge to the  People of Tamil Nadu. This you can witness in the Name board at the Dealer Point. This may be a shame to Germany and its quality.

All right , after Tsunami and Earth quake , Toyota could able to maintain the Manufacturing of Toyota Cars and the Market share at United States customers with their undiminished Satisfaction. Yes, still Toyota keep the strategy of Customer data as ,Out of 8  owners of a car 6 were wishes to buy next Toyota is the great Note,and which is ,Japanese car maker Toyota has raised its annual profit forecast as it continues to recover from the impact of last year's natural disasters.

on the other Hand in United States of America ,General Motors expected to report fall in profits.
Optimism in West Midlands automotive industry.The UK has gone back into recession.so Chevrolet is not doing well.However, it is not doom and gloom for all UK sectors as the automotive industry is performing well.but in India ......,Alright.

Can Mercedes climb back to the top? No chance in this Financial year 2012 - 2013. 

  How ever a healthy competition in the Present  Indian Economy may not be Possible

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