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Thursday, October 11, 2012

B.J.P. Not Trained Mr.Narendra Modi Properly?

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UK has understood value of Gujarat, PM has not: Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi still to Grow in all matters it seems.  i feel that Mr.Modi did not reached Maturity in his Talk.

All Because of B.J.P. Not Trained Mr.Narendra Modi Properly?
 always Narendra Modi wants to Develop Mr.Man Mohan singh. As per people Talk in India and across the world He has last his Total Image and values in Indian People. He also do not have faith in People of India , so that he likes to continue to be a Nominated M.P. 
All right let me say my view on this irrelevant comment by Modi.

Yes , If Prime Minister understood Gujarat and its Developments and those are all from the Policies of Mr.Modi Government than utmost, P.M. will Grant Huge Loans so the state will have increased debt.

whereas while UK has understood the Value of Gujarat , Than UK will sanction Huge aids /Funds for Further Developments in the state. so the Debt of the Modi Government will not increase has to be remembered. Modi not to make such comments to develop Indira Congress is the People Talk in India. People Talk also say that BJP started working as a Promoting agent to Indira Congress, why?

But calling Congress Party and its leaders in all Press and media meet and Public Addressing Mr. Modi or B.J.P. wish to develop Indira Congress and do not like to grow  B.J.P or not interested in the growth of India  is the message to India.

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