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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arvind Kejriwal and Zero Loss theory

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Arvind Kejriwal protected Sharad Pawar, ex-top cop says.

Targeting Sharad Pawar over Lavasa, YP Singh claimed Arvind Kejriwal had withheld vital information on the agriculture minister's role in the irrigation scam.may be because Mr.Sharad Pawar relative has resigned his Dy.Chief Minister Post on complaints about 722crores on irrigation Scam. what a great Sacrifice for India!. Similarly Mr.Nitin Gadkari may also likely to resign his Post in BJP. My view is Government will say once again this also a Zero Loss Theory to fool People in India. Any How Politicians were going to be defeated for these mistakes in the Forth coming elections at Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

People Talk in India say that Arvind Kejriwal is backed by Sharad Pawer. Mr.Sharad Pawar may be offering Messages with evidence to Kejriwal.  But My view is ,P.M. may be behind Kejriwal on issuing information's,why because P.M. said to people after loosing U.P.state assembly election ,that because of Congress issued all informations about the corruptions about Mayawati to the Knowledge of people so that Mulayam singh's Samajwadi party won in massive number of M.L.A.'s.

Also Now Kejriwal is the second person in India get Government Documents as Proof. How he get Government Papers from files?.

people talk say,Already Mr. Subramaniyam swamy Produced many Documents on many issues he complied to the Knowledge of People.

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