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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The political class may not have honesty

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'The political class may not have honesty in India. With the recent Happennings in the Present Parliament we found this is right.

"The political class doesn't have honesty, especially towards children".

There are two international laws regarding child labour- ILO Convention 138, also called Minimum Age Convention, 1973; and ILO convention 182, also known as Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999. India is one of those countries like Sudan, who have not ratified these laws. It is shameful. Read More..

More than this ,a shameful to the Present Union Government may be a commitment By Prime Minister of India committed on 15th August 2011 in his Independence Day speech has become a fun/ So Prime Minister is also not interested in Children and may Like to Exploit Children or Future generation in India.

Dr,Man Mohan singh in 2011 Independence Day speech said that he in short time he will arrange to establish EDUCATION COMMISSION" in India similar to Election Commission as autonomous Body with authority.

But he crossed Independence Day 2012 also. why such wrong Comments even from Prime Minster? Why because Top People like Prime Minister with out reading the script and its inherent/hidden matters with detailed meaning and its values before they convey their speech in any Meeting they speak. This ridiculous idle commitment from Prime Minister that also on Independence Day Celebration Talk on August 2011 has not been fulfilled or No action initiated on this commitment Indicates that Prime Minister did not read the Speech Content spoked with Fire in Voice after the said meeting ended is may be the Blunder or an exploitation to people.

When Such wrong comments by people like Prime Minister in India will Change? This is a question on Children mind in India?.


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