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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Buzz It
Press and Media ,may please get entrusted with themselves by their own interest to produce the details about the Oil Price and subsequent to that Price of Petrol,Diesel and Cooking Gas in the world countries and India and Asian Countries Price in Comparison has to be arranged to Publish to give a knowledge about this factor will enable Indians to walk with the changes. whether oil companies face loss in India only or in all Asian countries or in all Nations?. 

Press and Media has to generate a friction on Oil Companies to open their own show rooms /sale outlets/Petrol Pumps to sell Petrol.Diesel and Cooking Gas
All these products were easily sell with huge demand so why Dealership arrangement to Oil Companies? Does  Oil Companies paves way to exploit or cheat people in India through Dealership?
to sell Hot Cakes why Oil Companies in India arrange Dealer Network / While people Buy all the above against Cash paid instantly why Oil companies sell products on Credit Basis?.
why Oil Companies hesitate to Ban/Cancel all Private Dealership in selling these products?
Why not Government owned Service points not arranged?.
Is their any corruption /bribe available to companies on dealership?.

For all the above questions Press and Media may please to arrange a Press Meet with Oil Companies Chairman and Board of Directors to get the Proper answers.
Also Press and Media may initiate to create a Pressure to Ban the Deanships to sell these products?.

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