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Monday, September 3, 2012

BJP demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the wake of the CAG report is Right or Wrong?

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An unrelenting BJP said it would continue pressing for its demand for the Prime Minister's resignation inside and outside Parliament.

BJP demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the wake of the CAG report is Right or Wrong?

People Talk say it is Right!. Today to press and Media Prime Minister say that Government is Elected by People for a term of 5 Years. yes, People talk say Present Prime Minister is not Elected by we People in India?.

Television channels like sun News , Kalignar News and few others from Media say Demanding Prime Minister resignation is wrong.

People Talk is Completely Different. Join with People in the gatherings and you can hear the same replies THEIR.

Ministers in the Present Union Government say it is wrong and Matter has to be represented in Parliament for debate and other probes.And it is Need less for Dr.Man Mohan singh To resign!.

Just let us rewind the data of this Present Government.

What happened to 2G spectrum Case.?. That is also claimed with almost the same value carrying Corruption charges and later it was told that all informations about Value are imaginary.

But , the present Prime Minister Dr.Man Mohan singh Government on created Huge Pressure on its allied Party Ministers From D.M.K. were forced/demanded to resign. why? No one can deny this?. similarly Many Ministers against Corruption chargeS WERE ALSO RESIGNED from this union government?.

But D.M.K. kept quite on the proceedings of that issue is also a surprise to People in India?.Why? God Only Knows?.

But Now the question is , while D.M.K. Ministers from parliament were asked to resign on Corruption charges with almost the same Value quoted as corruption ,were not allowed to Debate in Parliament , straight away forced to resign and than all Legal Proceedings proceeded we saw in India by the same Government?. No one can deny this.

similarly Now B.J.P. demand the resignation of Prime Minister Dr.Man Mohan singh is may not be a wrong demand is People Talk Today. Justice must be one and the same to all in Rule?.

Read my views in the following lines:

Prime Minister or Ministers , they are the Parliament rulers. so Governing Rules Must be the same has to be the Reply from Supreme Court and President of India is the People Talk in India Today!.

other Political parties who may wish for benefits were supporters to the Present Government to continue?.

This is my View . D.M.K. Ministers were forced to resign from Ministries , when it was a right Move than Now the demand by B.J.P. is also on the same Rule , so it is right!. But Prime Minister is Not interested to resign and Ministers were also supporting to Prime Minister and say P.M.Not to resign?. why because , May be a fear to People on General election and not interested to face a Damaging result to Congress in that Election if announced. Indira Congress May get Vanish is the present situation is also may be a reason.

what happened to D.M.K.? Because of 2G spectrum Corruption charges ,Mr.Karunanidhi last the Power. D.M.K. last in the Election for Tamil Nadu State Election. Similar Result Congress may get in any Recent election is may be a Reason for Prime Minister ,so he says he is not interested to Resign?.

But People Talk in India Today says, B.J.P. with the same demand will go to President Office and President Of India and Supreme Court authorities Know How to Deal this Present Issue?.

"While there have been demands for the resignation of the Prime Minister and a high-level inquiry, now the common minimum denominator is cancellation of the coal block allocations as Samajwadi Party, the Left parties and everybody is demanding it," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told PTI.

BJP, which has been demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the wake of the CAG report on coal block allocations speaking of undue benefit of Rs. 1.86 lakh crore, is unrelenting in its campaign.

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