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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Politicians in India taxing People and ruining the Economy is the Truth?

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, Politics. we need to have developments in all areas to strengthen our economy and nation.For this we need a strong and stable government by a single party, which will enable us to see the developments of our nation. existing political parties by making some agreement to have a political seat share. As we are the sincere responsible citizens we should look for a single party government. for this people from 32 to 42 aged should come forward to make a Nationwide party. In this Industrialist must play a important role. Auditors,engineers, Retired IAS,IPS,officers Leaders of Agriculturists,Leaders of Builders,Leaders of Traders has to join in this forum. they must work hard to strengthen this union to get a massive victory to form the Next union government.

come on join for National welfare in a New Political Party.

All the existing Political parties must be made to feel that they must have individual identity to exhibit their social responsibility,not to ride with other many parties to form a allied government hereafter. people must wake up. Readers of this message must get a fire in their mind and thoughts to form our New Indian government by a new party by Young Indians. common let us have a pledge and promise to see a new government by a new party in the next parliament.existing parties have been availed many opportunities But dynamic changes not happened. only limited developments. this is because of government by allied parties.

A new Political National Party in India is a MOST WANTED and please may do arrange for that. We Indians must go New Faces in Politics of India. Why because we need many amendments and bye laws in our constitution. for this we need a strong new force which must eliminate the presently available political parties for a good Lesson to establish and to remember them their social responsibilities. Believing the present National Political parties is meaning less.I hope you will also agree on this.

Just binding with the comments from leaders like Mr.Abdul Kalam,Mr.Anna Hazare will not fetch our Nation developments. Their advise is to be kept at a side. along with that we must raise our voice to find a New Political Party with a leader from Rich family who is not interested to earn Money from Political entry,or a leader from retired I.P.S.,I.A.S.,Judges,and or a person from Farmer Family.

Next General election must be focused to change the fate of all present politicians this includes politicians of aged leaders with Regional Parties. Regional parties are also exploiting people and give huge pain in running Life on day to day.

Government taxing people on many grounds and using for unwanted expenses .for example ,constructed secretariat building with a huge investments in Billions at chennai. we people must stop our support in immediate future opportunities for such foolish acts of politicians .This is unwanted to people but on the other hand after misusing funds government increasing electricity Bills to a highest extent is a beyond bearable Move.This idea would have also given by an executive, but how dare he has suggested this bad idea is a surprise. the person who gave this idea of increasing price for electricity at Tamilnadu is certainly a cruel person and not a Human on the earth. Union Government which is not supporting the State Governments in meeting out of expenses and low amount of Fund allocations must be made to Dissolve by President Of India. For This People Must raise their Voice to reach Presidential Office Directly. such pressure has to make the president to issue an order to Dissolve the Government.

Practically speaking Union Government is with Funds and resources But with out any direct responsibility on People and on their life. But State Government's are reporting people Daily in all walks of their Life. so We Indian need Few Constitutional Changes in INDIA.Powers to State Government Must be increased and Powers to Union Government must be reduced. Like Electricity ,Energy,Atomic Plants and others to the hands of State Governments. Funds Generated must be accumulated in Financial economic committee of India which must be a unit or combined office of all states. All Money must be brought in to this pool and from this Money has to be allocated on the importance and priority .

From this office Money allocation for Union Government expenses has to take place. Reserve Bank of India Must be a Separate entity and It must have ultimate Control of the committee mentioned above. Reserve Bank must not be a reporting or controlled Office by Union Government,their by Planning commission has to a part of Reserve Bank and this committee. This Planning Commission must react with state Governments Directly Not through Prime Minister. Chief Ministers and Planning Commission has to provide a report to R.B.I. to allocate Fund for expenses to the Function of Parliament to control all unwanted lavish expenses by Prime Minister and all Other Ministers. like Many Changes to bring in India immediately to create India A Strong Nation in the world.

so I strongly recommend that State Government's Must be the First authorities and Parliament and Union Government has to be made secondary in Powersin India. For People must gather in Union and we must raise our voice through Judicial and executive rights. This will only can enable our State Governments to Offer a Better Life for ever to we people in India. Please Note this Empowering State Governments will generate a Green India , it means prosperity in all walks of life of people. so State Governments Must be made higher offices and Union Government has to be made controlled by the Union of State Governments. This must be a constitutional change.

so First in India we need to start a Union of State Government's to create our Responsible Union Government.Let me say my other opinion's in my next posts through other blogs of mine.


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