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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why men die on Heart attack in Large Number Than Woman?

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why men die on Heart attack in Large Number Than Woman? Yes ! the latest statistics say men die on heart attack on large Number in Percentage in United states.

The percentage of women die on Heart attackis very less , how? women were not using medicines or pills for long time sex.

Women in united states or in rest of the part of this world die less on Heart attack.

Men and women consume Alcohol ,in turn it gives a good health on smal quantity consumption. Later stage Liver may collapse. Many Drinkers do have Grey Hair or power loss in their eyes in this world.

Than, is the inetrcourse do this magic of death to men on Heart attack?. No. Normal way of Intercourse in Human life is a Gift and necessary one to Normal life.

Than,Yes here is a answer for Men death on Heart attack in large percentage.

Men in Large Number after 40 Years, uses sex enhancers like Viagra and other sex stimulant Medicines. These medicines Pumps extra flow of blood in to Men sex organ ,also it reduces the Normal blood flow in to Heart . This uneven flow paves way to Heart attack.This is the exactly truth in the fatal death percentage of Men across the world on Heart Attack.


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