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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 for United States of America

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Hi this is about 2012 for United States of America as per planets positions?

Loss of Human lives from Calamities and accidents and from unknown type of disease will spread at America,in particular the percentage od Loss will be higher at North America.

Due to  the wrong foriegn affairs and  dealings with countries like Iran ,Pakistan will create danger .

opposition parties will be affected badly. scandals in mines and public services,banks will come to the knowledge of people. Crops and production will get afected.

Gold reserve of the country will get decreased.

Danger from an unexpected  will witness mourning .

Up to May 2012 Mr.Barack obama must be very careful. planet positions are not favoring to him. He may targeted by a Bomb blast before may 2012. On his escape his administration will be difficult to monitor can  be witnessed. so he and his government must be very careful up to 15th July 2012

Thanks for reading this post matter and be safe and I Look for all your well being. Thanks.

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