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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Leader on 2012 ?

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Hi my dear readers,users,viewers,visitors,and broad casting friends ,like to have your visit again at this blog to read this new post.
Here is hot News New Leader by 2012 . Hi you are tempted about this headlines and urging to know who is the leader at what place on the earth like these many question from your mind comes out and looking for answer. I am your well wisher and vice versa.
yes! this is about a great Leader as Chairman from up country by 2012 is expected . This is the news from The present Chairman Mr.Ratan Tata. He is the Chairman of TATA Group of companies who initiated with his Team shown Thirteen times  of business growth in comparison with the business level from the time of his office occupied.
He is going to establish a special value to Indian culture. As a Indian He is truthful to the business society. In conveying Truth he is also a strong follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Yes. He says he got major development and a major share of business from up countries. So He plan to have the next chairman for Tata Groups from Up countries. This is a Glorious and unimaginable decision from a Indian Industrialists Mr. Ratan Tata.A Glorious moment by a Indian is a message for the generations to come as a lesson in the of Honesty and genuineness.
Please feel the genuineness of a Indian Industrialist which is on the other hand,no doubt ,this decision of a Indian Industrialist, going to promote Indian Values  in The People mind Internationally.
For the development to the Industries,development to people,Human society, Technology developments in Indian soil He is the suitable person  for  Bharath Rathna and suitable person for Nobel Prize. Let us Hope The dignitaries , Governments and Rulers will also think in the same direction to honor Him. 
Any children or people in India know about TATA and BIRLA. The well known Royal families in India and abroad. Their continuous support to the Government policies and their interest in their Industries Growth had a healthy competition also. Finding This type of healthy competition  in this world is very difficult. 
Now with a thought about a chairman for his group of companies from abroad is showing broad mindedness. What a amazing view.Hope  Union Government of India may have a strong interest to award him a great award like "Bharath Rathna ." Also  may I call the kind attention of my Indian Government to insist Nobel Prize committee for a   strong consideration and recommendations for a prestigious award. We Indians are proud to hear messages like this to enhance my country value in the International matters.
I like to refer one matter here. when srimathy Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India, we launched our satellite .Accompanied with Mr. Rakesh sharma. As soon the satellite reached the space Our Honorable Prime minister of India  Mrs.Indira Gandhi was asking Rakesh sharma ,How is India,in reply Rakesh sharma is saying that "Sare jaghan se achha."This has created a big fire in Nationality feeling which no Indian can deny at any point of Time.
similarly India is looking for proud things in the International matters. We Indians Hope ,always our Dreams come true in the above post message.
Thank you for allowing me to share these truths. Also Thank you all for sparing your valuable time in reading the post contents in full. 
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