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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barackobama Life Part-1

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In My life up to graduation in my House we do not had current facility,using kersine lights and Candle I did my graduation in First Class from Madras University. But One difference Today Mr.Manmohansingh is  a Prime Minister with enormous powers But I do not have income ,I wrote in detail about my placement in Government service in his site. Till date No response,what a Man he is?
Many villages in Dark with out current and with out current service many villages found in dark  Till date.. In this speech in this video  he confirms that he and his Government will provide Electricity to all villages . This is a lie in reality from a Prime Minister. Why Because He is the Prime Minister from Indira Congress. Nehru lead Royal Life till his Last day. But Mohandas Karam chand Gandhiji /Gandhiji lead a simple life and by which who know the pain of Poor and weaker sections in the Society.

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