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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What about Orissa and Bihar?

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Hi this is about What about Orissa and Bihar?

at Orissa the present Government by Shri Naveen Patnaik is an able successor of his famous father – Late Biju Patnaik.

Late Biju Patnaik was a Aeronautic Engineer and he was a politician with huge people support.

Now his son ruling the state, but at Present people at Orissa found to be with dislikes on his Governance.

In the next Election for Orissa state Assembly he his Party will get defeat and will have very lessor number of seats .

Coming to the matter of Bihar ,Mr.Nitish Kumar a Good Friend of Mr. Naveen Patnaik .
The tempo in the mind of people in supporting Mr.Nitish Kumar ,reduced sizable and remarkable. This will reflect in the next state assembly election, But he will sworn in once again as Chief Minister of Bihar with a lessor Number of seats than the Present Position is assured.
Same Time Mr.Lalo Prasad Yadav party will be thrashed out from Political scene of Bihar state Politics.  Congress will also access the same status of Mrs.Lalo Prasad Yadav party
But B.J.P  will get increased seats in the next assembly.

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