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Monday, March 14, 2011

idea for Rescue from tsunami

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HI my dear friends,follower's and viewer's here is a message about tsunami.

This is a rescue measure , i believe strongly. after tsunami affected Indonesia and India and other countries I wrote a post link enclosed with U N O General secretary and all country heads sites , requesting them to implement an order through U N O.

All countries which is bounded with sea shore must Plant Coconut Trees at teh shores is the idea given by me. Off course the plantation of coconut tree may cause a minimum level of safety smugglers, But while it is concerned with Human life , we can control the sea shore by deploying additional troops to guard.

Planting Coconut Trees at sea shores will definitely provide safety at the time of tsunami. The waves or water force causing damages can be restricted positively.In Nature plants are also a part which we should not forget. so at least now U N O has to order all countries to plant coconut trees at sea shore which will save all against any calamities.

I feel ,this is the need of this time. Media and U N O can do this pressure to all countries in favour Human society.
Thank you for reading the post in full.

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